18 Year Old on Ground After Walking Head-on into Train in Oxnard, California

18 Year Old on Ground After Walking Head-on into Train in Oxnard, California

18 Year Old on Ground After Walking Head-on into Train in Oxnard, California

All I got for backinfo is that an 18 year old man walked head-on into a train in Oxnard, California, and that it happened in April of 2020.

The video, apparently filmed from a stopped train, shows a man on the ground. He’s topless and face down in dirt, but even though motionless from the beginning, later in the video he moves his head, suggesting he wasn’t dead. There is no visible trauma on his body and no blood stains on or around him.

Props to Best Gore member @orlando77 for the video:

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40 thoughts on “18 Year Old on Ground After Walking Head-on into Train in Oxnard, California”

        1. Exactly @fred1212 , this episode doesn’t take no second guessing since the subject appears bodily unharmed . To me it appears this sarcastic actor of a sort happened to only brush it by or maybe he even tried head banging one of the bogies from the train’s opening station where the locomotives shunt across the tracks with negligible speed not enough to cause any squishy splatter .
          And guess what ! all those kinda dramatics he tried putting up must be his second nature ; he must be used to every so often .


          1. It looks like he was drunk and tripped over an opposing rail on his way to the moving train and was so fucked up couldn’t get up again. He also, as you say, may have smashed his head on a slow or non moving locomotive. Have you ever got so drunk that you trip while leaning forward then begin getting a head of steam up until you run full speed into an immovable object? I know I have.

    1. Many years ago I used to have to go retrieve bodies that got hit by trains…….some would be just piles of meat, maybe the body in a few parts, but one that we attended defied all logic. Not a mark on the body and yet the front of train was dented pretty badly…….when we moved the body we realized that pretty much every bone was broken and body was just a bag containing all those mushed up bits……..Im guessing it depends on how one hits the train and whether one gets the secondary part of being mangled up underneath the train……..was a weird one.You get the same with car accidents sometimes……not a mark on a dead body.

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  2. He got the wind knocked outta him
    Oxnard is actually a Really great city
    It’s alongside the Pacific coast
    I’d go out there pre-covid constantly.
    Lots of meth addicts out there, but overall a pleasant place to visit. Especially port Hueneme.

  3. Have we ever seen a “trained-virus” who wasn’t splattered with splintered legs at absolute very least here?

    No. We have not.
    More, or less, is going on here than the description leads onto. I suspect it’s just a drunken Beanerman and nothing more

  4. Wait, what the hell is this? Looks like some dumbass waking up after a night of drinking too much malt liquor.

    And he’s not supposed to be outside anyway. He certainly doesn’t look like an essential anything to me.

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