1986 Group B World Rally Championship Crash in Portugal

1986 Group B World Rally Championship Crash in Portugal

Crash in this video, along with the Tour de Corse accident in which driver Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto died in a fireball led to the complete ban of the Group B class in rally racing. This was in 1986.

At the Rally Portugal, part of the World Rally Championship, 3 spectators were killed and more than 30 injured after a racing car plowed through the crowd standing outside of a corner. I’m actually rather surprised that there were only 3 casualties. Please note, the video says that 4 people died but according to my research, only 3 did.

And thus, thanks to the spectators wanting to get too close to the action for a little adrenaline rush, the short-lived Group B era, notable for featuring some of the fastest and most powerful rally cars ever built has come to an end after just 4 years of running.

Also check out the BBC documentary on The Killer Years of Grand Prix.

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22 thoughts on “1986 Group B World Rally Championship Crash in Portugal”

  1. awh man the music makes me feel the need to care.haha.
    shit happens when the action right in the comfort of your couch type of shit.bystanding near the track is smart.
    game changer when someone gets killed and hurt.
    rally barriers?

  2. Rallying is the only…uh, sport…? involving cars that I can stand. Nascar can suck a fat one. Too bad for the spectators. Such are the dangers of this kind of entertainment.

    That piano music is a bummer, by the way. I must go listen to some death metal to even myself out.

  3. If you want to see a rally, NEVER EVER EVER stand on the OUTSIDE of a bent, unless you’re raised at least five meters from the ground. Standing on the inner side of the bent will not make 100% you safe, but standing on the outer side means looking for troubles.

  4. Awww….the glory days!
    It was truly beautifull, unfortunately also dangerous and after this it was never the same but about 2 months ago they did held a little tournament in the north of portugal something they havent done in many years and about 100 thousand people showed up

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