2 Fatalities after Auto Rickshaw Steers Directly into Van, Kanyakumari, India

2 Fatalities after Auto Rickshaw Steers Directly into Van, Kanyakumari, India title=

On a wild, wild west road of sorts in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India an auto rickshaw and van collide. Apparently the removal of road markings is heavily practiced outside America; congested open roads with traffic from all types of vehicles and pedestrians are free to self police.

The rickshaw automobile driver seemed spooked by the oncoming van in the opposite invisible lane. Attempts to crisscross paths to avoid hazard backfires. The van’s windshield shatters with the collision then it clips a scooter rider. There’s no legitimate way to steer clear of danger when it is you that creates it.

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  1. This is to be expected when you live in those places.
    Don’t live in those places.

    Those places have a difficult time with roads and trains and high voltage wiring.
    You’re going to die if you live there. We’re going to watch you die.

  2. LMFAO… As the description states, their roads are totally ‘feral’; for lack of a better word.
    Anyone else notice the vans windshield was tempered glass? And, they also took a random ninja on a bike out.

  3. It’s been 13 years since my last trip to India, and I can still remember those free-for-all roadways.

    Whatever speed those auto rickshaws could achieve, they were doing it, usually overloaded and in wave after wave. If there’s a Hell, I hope it’s not worse.

          1. @carnage
            If you’re a woman you could have your husband douse you in gas and light you on fire.
            That’s always a favorite.
            Or have your head sawn off and taken to a police station.
            Any more?

    1. You’re absolutely right, and there’s no other logical explanation for this. They’re experts at reproducing like rabbits, and that’s it. When it comes down to properly educating their kids and making some useful contribution to the world, or at least to their own country, they’re terrible.

      With that being said, keep in mind that mother nature is not in command in these situations. Not yet. Take a look at Nigeria for instance, an African country the size of California and one of the world’s poorest countries, with a population of 195 million dindus, estimated to grow into a 300 million dindu population by 2050. Their birth rate is completely out of proportion, and it only makes their situation even worse, but it’s only possible because these countries are all being artificially kept alive by foreign aid, both financial and medical.

      Once shit hits the fan and their aid is cut out, the debt is going to be paid to mother nature and they will die faster than flies.

        1. @gorefest1971

          If the SHTF scenario happens for reasons other than pollution, nuclear war and the end of the world, such as the world running out of oil, important minerals and rare earth, not to mention a big economic collapse, then this “global warming” process you’re mentioning will be halted to a stop.


          Therefore, people will indeed be dropping like flies, but not due to the world melting or being submerged by the ocean. There’s also a chance of us entering in a Little Ice Age, like it happened mainly in Europe from the end of the 17th century until mid 19th century. That would also put global warming to a stop, and people would drop like flies nonetheless.

          1. We’re fucked. The infectious parasite is greedy and will never stop raping mother earth. Doesn’t matter how big and impressive your words are the disease has spread and greed will continue to destroy. You’re way more intelligent than i am so i can’t say anything you don’t already know. The earth can only give, take so much. So many animals have become extinct thanks to the parasite. Our time soon i hope.

  4. It’s such a fucking tragedy. Now there’s two less bindi-kissing ball-tasters to answer my calls for tech support.

    I thought we shipped these shithole places all our old, unwanted Detroit iron? They don’t have access to a good, sturdy. 1978 Ford Hindi or a 1992 Chevy Brahma? You’d be structurally safer riding in an old piece of culvert pipe dragged by twelve Calcutta rent boys on a busted UHaul dolly.

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