4 Seconds Long Video of Sudden Double Truck Tap

4 Seconds Long Video of Sudden Double Truck Tap

Short, only 4 seconds long video shows a sudden, double tap accident involving trucks. The box truck in front of the dashcam truck collides head on with an oncoming truck, giving the cammer behind him no time to react.

The trucks traveled at decent speeds, and even though the video doesn’t quite give it justice, the aftermath must have been bloody. I’m guessing the driver of the sandwiched truck didn’t make it, if any of them did at all…

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  1. The middle truck comes back like a train hit it head on. Fucking vicious stuff, I’d say it was lights out before they could blink. An ejector seat might not even have got them out of that, though that video would also be mental.

  2. Get the fuck outta here, that truck coming the other way must’ve been humongous to instantly push the little one backwards like that.

    I’d say all dead but don’t give a fuck because that 4 seconds has me tongue’n for a toasted sanger…… Suggestions ?

    1. Traditional @Se7en, maybe cheese and pickle or if you have it and you fancy pushing the boat out, cheese and asparagus tips !. I’m hungry now, toastie sounds good.

      Would have been good to have seen the carnage left from that smash… brutal is an understatement for that one.

        1. That is one reason why i am afraid to grow old. I might get alzheimers and forget to off myself. I’d say 50 is a good age to die. Anything after that means I’ll be stuck in a hospice on a wheelchair and an O2 tank.

          1. It’s funny to see someone aged 20 saying they think 50 would be a good age to call it a day. Take it from me, the next 20 years will go ten times faster than your first 20. I was of the exact same opinion at your age @manowar, but hell the time flew man, so much so I wonder what the hell happened sometimes.
            Cram as much into your life as possible I say, live life and relish every day. Waste not a single hour, because one day you will have lost the ability to live as you did in your prime. Happens to every one of us. And one is Never ever too old to try new things. Fuck the doubters and go for it. But it is imperative to do things while you’re young, while you can.
            Stay healthy though and you should be fighting fit and capable even well into your 60s and beyond. Times have changed, 50 is not old nowadays.

          2. @ewestomper, well said! Life does seem to go faster as you get older. I have been in America 12 years this year and it seems like yesturday that I stepped off the plane in the scorching August heat and humidity.

          3. @ewestomper, thats some deep stuff. you know what i think your right. But some days you ponder and think too much and it fucks you up in the end. But I’m young i dont know jack shit about the world. I’ll take your word for it.

  3. Suddenly all turns black, then all turns white… You end up in purge… 🙂

    Im also guessing that none made it alive… but the camera survived, so there’s a very slim chance that the camera driver did make it… even though with severe wounds.

        1. I’ve watched a fair bit of TV last week or so, which has been a refreshing change.
          I watched Most Haunted and was sceptical as?hell, but one particular large old country house was full of crazyness, ghostly noises and what not. It was intriguing to say the least.
          No way would I have set foot in that place on my own, at night especially. There was even a phantom dog ! :-\

          1. I think i remember that phantom dog one, wasnt it the one that appeared in a window with red eyes? 😕

            And yeah i understand your scepticalness… i myself had experiences with ghosts before, things that doesnt come out easy for me because even today im still puzzled of what i saw and felt… its not as “fun” or “entretaining” as it sounds… and its certainly not an experience i want to go through ever again… 😐 so i know when they are bullshiting me in shows like that or not, and most of the times its just to fill the plot.

          2. @ewestomper

            Well there is plenty of evidence on youtube from the actual shows. Derek Acorah is the biggest fraud of them all but he is so damn hilarious with his possession BS lol. Even Yvette Fielding has faked stuff. The program was almost done for fraud but wasn’t only for the fact it is described as an “entertainment” program in its description.

  4. I had an head on crash on my motorbike with a car some years back i didnt feel a thing until i woke up several days later, fucked up pretty bad i couldnt take a piss unassisted or even wipe my own arse youd have thought it would have put me off bikes for life but a few weeks after leaving the hospital i had a go on my mates motor cross and yup crashed the fucker luckily no serious damage to me nor his bike,i still ride, a bit more cautiously these days tho still you never know whats round the next corner.

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