5 Year Old Boy Hit by Taxi Cab While Crossing Road with His Mom

5 Year Old Boy Hit by Taxi Cab While Crossing Road with His Mom

The all too common scenario we see on Best Gore often – mother with kid(s) is crossing a road, a kid is not held by the hand or otherwise kept under control, runs ahead of his mother and gets hit by a car. Drivers bear their share of responsibility, but mothers should know better too. How do you grow to the child bearing age and not realize that roads are full of assholes in cars?

The kid performed a reasonably impressive backflip but was a little too rough on the landing so he’s only gonna get 7.9 for difficulty, 7.8 for style and 6.2 for landing.

Based on the info I got, the child was 5 year old and they were on a pedestrian crosswalk when they were hit. It’s surprising that of all vehicles, it’s a taxi cab that hit them. You’d think taxi drivers would be particularly vigilant to avoid collisions given that their livelihoods depend on a clean driving record and a car in good condition? I wonder if this cabby’s fare was expected to pay for the ride so far. Leastways he got a first person visual he’ll never forget.

Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video:

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92 thoughts on “5 Year Old Boy Hit by Taxi Cab While Crossing Road with His Mom”

      1. The fucked up thing is that she did look. She stops a split second before her kid gets hit. The dumb bitch just wasn’t holding the kids hand. Any mother who doesnt hold her young kids hand while crossing the street deserves to get hit herself.

        1. Unfortunately, this is Evolution. Sometimes your younglings die if you are not fit to survive.
          In the Animal kingdom, it’s like Cape buffalo mother who fails to defend her calf from a pack of lions. Thus her genes are not passed on while, the cape buffalo mother who can defend her calf passes on her genes.

          In humans, it’s like this, Stupid bitches can’t hold on to her kid’s hand while crossing street, doesn’t pass on here genes…. unfortunately, she will spawn 2-3 more children in her wake.
          Thus, purely due to higher birth rate, the Dumbest people pass on their dumbshit genes the most. Rise of the planet of the retards.

        2. my son is HORRIBLE with this. not matter how much i nag him i have to practically handcuff him to make him stay near me in parking lots. i tell him ALL the time that he is going to get ht by a car. it just isnt sinking in. given that this video isnt gory, i just showed it to him and explained that if he gets hit by a car it isnt going to be a light tap. he WILL go flying. hopefully actually seeing it will make him believe me!

  1. Watched it twice cause the camera pov was pretty awesome! Felt like I was actually in the car!

    That lady is despicable! You don’t hold your child’s hand and then half way through the street- let it go! Wtf?! Especially when its a little boy! My 5 year old is so full of every that sometimes I think he has an espresso before I wake up in the morning! They tend to act on first thought at this age and he had no clue! She should’ve made sure she had a damn good grip! Whenever we get out of the car, he holds my hand OR I grab his wrist and EVERY SINGLE TIME I tell him why! I say- look Son, there’s cars EVERYWHERE and they may not see you!! You have to hold my hand and you have to look everywhere!! How else will they learn the danger?! Even walking behind cars in the parking lot can be disastrous! Short humans aren’t the easiest to see! I was also surprised this Mother tried to stand him up! He was just seriously thrown by what looked to me like a speeding car and you’re just gonna stand him up and have him finish crossing?! Fucking A! Some people are so lame that I wonder how they live through the day!

    1. *full of energy was what I meant to say. Not that I don’t think little girls should be able to walk without their hands held but with boys, they need even more help with controlling their impulses (like running ahead), at least in my own personal child raising experiences.

      1. I agree with you juicy same experience with my son too. It’s like they don’t think before they do shit. Boys are just flat out rambunctious little busy bodies. always on the go go go and that’s how come the little boy darted out on the road like that. Dam kid Hope he’s out. The Mom’s a fucking dead brain Bitch she just got her mind on her bag of crack she’s in a rush to get. She’s like dam Hope my connection didn’t leave. Shit Tyrone did you have to get hit by this taxi right now. Come on get up I’m late for my medicine lol

      1. Yea, that could be educational but I’m thinking more so for idiot parents. My Son would see that but would forget soon after. Plus, I try to keep him away from violence, news and gore type stuff. They grow up so fast that I’d like him to stay as innocent as possible for as long as possible. However, I’ve shown my older girls attempted kidnappings and I don’t senor them from hearing what’s going on around us to a certain point. My 10 year old was highly disturbed by a clip of a man trying to snatch her off a sidewalk while she and her little brother walked alone to the variety store. I showed her after a debate in which she felt she was old enough to walk to school on her own. The fact that she broke down and balled her eyes out proved that she’s NOT ready. As petite and unaware of what could happen that she is- she won’t be walking anywhere alone anytime soon! She actually didn’t want to anymore after she saw the video surveillance. That’s not what I wanted from showing her, but like you said- showing them what could be lets them know that there’s serious dangers out there!

    2. I thought the same thing about her picking up the kid. He has the wind knocked out of him, probably some broken bones, or a cervical spine injury. Buy hey, walk it off, little buddy. Another weird thing, she stops right before her kid gets slammed. She saw the car coming?

        1. My boys always had to be holding my hand when we were in public and if my arms were full(carrying something) they knew not to take one step until they had a good hold on one of my pockets!!!

          1. When my son was young I used to ask him to get a pint of milk sometimes before school. He didn’t have to cross any roads. I used to creep behind him the whole way following him and hiding behind cars. I wanted him to be able to feel independent , city kids just don’t get enough independence. He never realized I used to follow him until I told him recently.

  2. I wonder if he survived… he might have broken his neck or crushed his skull. At leat he has tons of broken bones and a great concussion, but I don’t believe he’ll get out without permanent damage

    1. I think there is a good chance he lived. Car wasn’t going that fast and kids are much more resilient than adults.

      I feel bad for the woman, it was her stupid mistake that brought this about, and live or die, she is going to be saddled with guilt over this for the rest of her life.

      1. I feel it necessary to point out his head was perfect height to snap over the hood on the initial impact. I vote upper “c’s” separation. He was looking right at it at chin level (I think..). Correct me if I’m wrong..

  3. I remember walking my son at a young age and everytime we neared a street my grip would tighten, just in case the lil dude had a need to try and run for it. Kids will be kids, for CHRIST-SAKES, hold on tight to them 🙁

  4. Why so harsh Mark? I think he did reasonably well.
    I would give him an 8.1 for difficulty and an 8.9 for style, I mean work with the arms in the air was spectacular. Although I agree with you on the landing, did not stick it at all…

    Must be horrible for the mother to see her kid doing these areal stunts after getting hit with such force but I don’t think that picking him up and trying to put him on his feet immediately was the best idea.

    1. Oh yes and HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, @Killthefilth i hope you had a nice & pleasant day. I do like your contributions to this site, and get plenty of laughter from your sometimes crazy comments. cheers brother 🙂 🙂

      1. Yo @dre, my man..thanks..!
        I spent my B-day replacing a 4 inch soil pipe at a check cashing store.
        The money was boko so it was worth it. Later that night I was out for dinner with my oldest daughter.
        You guys make my day with the banter back and forth, I’m glad I fit in..

  5. While I am a single mother I have always talked to my son at his level telling him that he is little put him next to my car and having him tell me how much bigger my car is to him we have come to the conclusion that there are big cars out there that don’t see or really care about a little guy like him

  6. I’ve shown my nearly 3 year old daughter some videos of people being hit by cars…..she now knows the seriousness of cars and how dangerous they can be, she’s probably a tad scared now but better she be scared than brown bread.

      1. Don’t look at it then, it’s only a picture, there beheading on her and little kids getting there brains blown out and all you can do is be grossed out by a picture hahaha okay!!! Ok guy

  7. “Poor kid” “Poor kid”…
    I rather say this is The most retarded kid i ever saw.
    He is so stupid because of his stupid whore mother.
    I believe she fuck with every neighbor where they lived..
    I see her, i really see her deeply just by those second of negligence.

  8. I believe I can fly!!
    I believe I can touch the sky!!

    Sorry it had to be said. What a shit excuse of a parent. I hope this video is shown to the father of the kid (if he isn’t off fighting some stupid religious war) so he can throw her in front of a truck.

  9. My first thought wtf did
    she hold his hand halfway ,she let her flesh and blood run first ,this is the most selfish parent I have ever seen and this bitch is dressed up and her kids looks like he has rags on ,so what this saying irresponsible bitch should of got hit because she looks better than her own son, poor kid man this fucked up because of that dumb cumhole ,I know when I’m with my kids I walk first to see traffic and basically stand in the middle to make sure all my lil ones cross the street yup safety mommy patrol .

  10. like to push this dumb bitch in front of a car s.m.h stupid cunt or maybe im just an over protective mother, but pretty sure any parent with a brain don’t just let their kid run into a road!

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