5 Year Old Child Run Over by Truck in Turkey

5 Year Old Child Run Over by Truck in Turkey

This tragic accident happened in Bursa, a historical and industrial city in the northwest of Turkey. Hamza, a 5 year old child, after buying an ice cream from a local market, ran across a road to return back home without paying due attention to traffic and was struck by a turning truck. The boy fell under the truck and was run over by its rear set of wheels.

I guess it would be fair to assume that truck driver did not see the child, but I also don’t seem to see the truck signalling the turn – although it’s hard to tell from the CCTV video. Perhaps the child assumed that the truck was gonna continue driving straight?

The run over crushed Hamza’s skull and collapsed his respiratory system. The child died in an ambulance on his way to a hospital.

Props to Best Gore member Floriante for the video:

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70 thoughts on “5 Year Old Child Run Over by Truck in Turkey”

    1. @sagemoon I agree. Of all the vids on BG the ones involving children are just so hard to watch. As a mother, I find things like this heartbreaking.

      My daughter is the same age as this poor little boy.

      RIP little soul xx

    2. As a mother, that child deserved to die. He was fucking stupid, I mean seriously who the fuck doesn’t look before crossing the road? I wasn’t stupid like that when I was 5! Dumb child, am glad he suffered before dying.

      1. how could you be so cruel huh?you fucking bitch probably say he deserved death because you had an unwanted kid due to being late at taking the cumshot in your fucking mouth.i mean he was a five years old damn it! when i was five i used to run across streets too when i was alone.god i’d so laugh to see you cross the street with your “intelligence” and then see it split all over the pavement.fucking idiot

        1. I know your comment was last year but I agree with you 100 percent I just saw todayshe’s a stupid b****for making the comments she mademaybe someday she’ll have a child and he or she will die the same depth and see how she likes itI’m really pissed in the comments she made I hope she’s not on this blog anymorebut anyway thanks for setting up for the little kid thanks bro

      2. I know thisold blog what you think that little boy deserve it you’re an a******your a b****hopefully someday you’ll have your own children and something like this will happen to themand hopefully all of us will see you on video tape to see how you like itI don’t care BG ticks me off the internetI don’tyour a b**** go f*** yourselfI’m sorry mark but thi

      1. OH BULLSHIT on THAT! If that boy had been 10 years older, no one would have given two shits about him. He would just be another dumbass that didn’t look three times before crossing a street. The jokes would be flowing in left and right here about his stupidness.

      2. OH BULLSHIT on THAT! If this boy was 10 years older, no one on here would have given two shits about him. He’d be just another dumbass that didn’t look three times before crossing the street. Then the cracks about his stupidness would be flowing on here left and right. So spare us. -_-

      1. Turkey is part of the4 axes of evil, all those murderers that walk around there were also small cute kids like these, they are future sadists, you must kill them from early age to prevent deaths of innocent lives. Like cancer you must kill the root not cut the tumor.

    1. Yes, it’s very sad. A kid excited about his ice cream is crushed by a truck while running back home. It always sucks when children die because of their parents neglect and stupidity.

  1. This was neither the truck drivers fault, the child was in his blind spot and it happened too fast at a awkward moment when he was concentrating on making the turn, nor was it the child’s fault, he was only five.

    Therefore it is the parents fault for allowing a five year old to roam free without supervision.

    Sadly this is a common story and one that often has a common ending, an untimely death. When will this story end?, when the winds cease to blow and the birds sing melodies of what was and will never be again.

      1. @drccoco, I think you might be right. Had that ice-cream man not short changed that kid in the sprinkles department he most certainly would have been alive today.

        It certainly is a dark day for the ice-cream selling community, they should hang their heads in shame.

        They should be forced to drop the plural from sprinkles as it is a misnomer when used by these assholes.

        I bet the lousy bastard didn?t even stick a flake in the kid?s 99, it rips my fucking heart out to think that this poor kid?s last thoughts before he died was a lingering regret that his ice-cream was not sculpted to a satisfactory standard.

        Ice-cream sellers who taint the sacred name of this old and honourable tradition should be forced to insert their bland and tasteless ice-cream cones up their tight as a jews purse cleft arseholes.

        When will this madness ends, when all the kids are dead or when all the ice-cream sellers are locked up, for if something is not done to change things soon we may find that ice-cream, just like the dodo, the Puerto Rican Flower Bat and the giant wombat, will become a thing of the past, confined to the dust bin of history.

        1. @Empty soul & @drccoco you two are so funny with the crazy shit you guys come up with.Reading what you two come up with next is a real treat.Not just anyone can put a spin on a sad and tragic story and walk away laughing.

          To that I say thank you!

    1. You’re all a bunch of fools…it’s obvious by how excited the kid was that the ice cream man did, indeed, put sprinkles on the ice cream. Had he not taken the time to do that, the kid would’ve crossed the intersection long before the truck arrived. This video proves that spoiling these kids with sprinkles and whatnot does them more harm than good.

      1. @Starry Wisdom….Good point but I must disagree..If the ice cream man put the said sprinkles, the boy would have also received his free “Sponge Bob” ice cream sprinkle bib…You can clearly see in the video that the boy is not wearing one.

  2. Honestly, I don’t know why but bestgore saddens me rarely. This is one of those times. I can’t imagine how the parents felt. You let your kid go and buy Ice cream and he gets ran over by a truck. That is gonna bring up so many “ifs” – If I only went with him, If I didn’t let him go, If I had told him to be careful” and so on. Its just a really sad story but again that’s life for you.

  3. Every once in a while a kid’s story pops up here and is just makes me sad but gore is gore no matter the age, kids die in many different ways all over the world… RIP Little One
    as far as his parents may they burn in Hell…. or be sent to mexico to star in a shitty cellphone video Zeta style…LoL

  4. WTF? Stupid fucking little prick, it was entirely his fault. Now he has ruined that guys life. I hope that man recovers soon. Damn I hate hyperactive kids, they are always making trouble when you just want to chill. FUCK him.

    1. @Anna B,For the sake of all future children of the world, I hope you NEVER have a child with that cold-hearted bitch attitude!!!!!

      P.S. That little boy wanted to send you a message:” Fuck you too stupid bitch!!!”

        1. a five-year-old without supervision? what do you expect. i dont see the point in having children to begin with, it seems to be nothing but 18+ years of stress and loss of freedom just to grow and train some kind of replacemtent for myself? fuck that…do i think the child DESERVED to die? of course not, do i care that he’s dead? of course not…children are the closest thing to purity we have as a species but i dont really see the point in having them. and i have yet to see here a mother who cares only about her own offspring without trying to be a fucking spokeswoman for children everywhere.

      1. sagemoon pull the hypocritical stick out of your ass.
        You are always bleating about these types of statements towards other users,yet here you go again.
        Stick a pad in it already.Free speech is a bitch.

  5. To me it looks though he’s reaching for the door handle as though to jump in while it’s moving. I must have played it back 20 times now so either I’m really stoned or that kid was attempting to get in…either way, I’m pretty fucking stoned.

  6. I feel worse for the friend who saw everything. He had to watch from 4 feet away as his ribs and skull were crushed. The sound of it was probably just as traumatizing. He’ll be carrying that image for the rest of his life.

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