9 Year Old Boy on Bicycle Hit by Truck in Russia

9 Year Old Boy on Bicycle Hit by Truck in Russia

Another brutal accident on a pedestrian crossing in Russia. They are so frequent, I’d treat zebras as top level personal safety threat if I lived there. Common denominators appear to be people crossing the road without checking if both lanes were safe and oncoming traffic not stopping.

Victim in this video was a 9 year old boy. The accident happened on the Simferopol highway in Chekhov, Russia. The boy was riding a bicycle and wanted to cross the road. He was on a pedestrian crossing and waited until the cars stopped but when the ones in near lane did, he took it as a sure enough sign that the crossing was safe. It wasn’t.

An oncoming truck hit him and only narrowly missed him with the wheels. The boy reportedly survived, although his bicycle took some pretty heavy beating. The truck flew into a ditch and rolled over.

Props to Best Gore member @pnn69 for the video:

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84 thoughts on “9 Year Old Boy on Bicycle Hit by Truck in Russia”

        1. It’s never good for the (potentially) socially constructive people of this Earth to endure unnecessary trauma or death. With any luck he will pull through and neglect the path of wiggerdom and maybe even avid leftism.

          1. Wish I was an English speaking person to completely apprehend what you’re saying, cause I’ve noticed some bad sarcasm in your words. No?

          2. No sarcasm there. I was just saying it’s sad to see good people subjected to violence and death. I put in the word ‘potentially’ because he may not turn out so great. This is in contrast to seeing for example, mexicans killing each other. They are inclined to violence and I couldn’t give less shits about them if I tried.

            On another note I think you’re English is very good. ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely better than my Russian.

      1. @pnn69 I agree, I was born I Russia and I have relatives there! Poor kid! It’s unfortunate! Hope he pulls through, if anything ever happened to my niece, I’d kill the bastard! If you are paying attention, you won’t get into accidents! It’s always someone’s fault!

        1. @Must Of Been You’re wrong. I do care for every one the same way, equally. Where did you see any discrepancies? I’m just glad to see my former fellow citizen here. Every one would. Moreover we, Russians/Ukranians, are always glad to see our people both on foreign websites or in foreign parts. That’s more just normal ) Or are you so offended by Russian text/speech?

    1. Damn right! Oops I just peddled my ass into traffic, damn I am in chunks oh wait and smeared across the pavement. LOL Damn hope I was wearing clean underwear!

      Gotta love the squishes and smacks on the highway. LOL

    1. The info about his survival was reported by the witness. I have some doubt also. A few days passed already. It happened on July 2. I’m gonna look up. I just don’t want him to die.

  1. Its getting predicteble
    Machetti fights in the dominican republic
    Behedings in Mexico
    Lynching in brazil
    Yelling cops in America
    People who think they can go 1 on 1 with trucks in russia
    Its fun to see accept when ther are childeren involved
    I hope the little kid is oke

  2. This is what you call not paying attention to your surroundings the truck driver should have slowed down when he saw vehicles stopped . How stupid can you be to not think, hey there must be a reason for people to be stopped here.

    1. both are at fault. never assume anything on the road. stupid kid for not observing his surroundings effectively, and stupid trucker for the same reason. im sorry for the kid, but my honest reaction is this, survival of the fittest and im not terribly mournful of the loss of somebody to stupid to keep his life safe. cruel, yes. but life is cruel.

    2. The bus driver stopped a few meters after a pedestrian crosswalk (which is illegal), it obstructed the pedestrians view of incoming traffic. The truck driver sped on a pedestrian crosswalk which is even more illegal, the kid ran over the crosswalk on a bike without checking, so he got pawned hard.

      The driver will most likely face criminal charges, the bus driver in worst case scenario a hefty fine, and the kid will (if he lived) get a minor blame for speeding on a crosswalk. Once you are on a bike, you are considered in a vehicle, so it’s not appropriate (meaning illegal) to use a pedestrian crosswalk.

  3. To be honest,the very first time I found this site by accident I might add, I thought that only sick people liked to watch this stuff. People who laughed at the suffering of other human beings. But as the days went by I noticed that it was not like that at all. I have found that the people who visit BG are responsible ,caring and compassionate people.
    Take for instance what happened to this kid. I have read comments of members saying “poor kid, I hope he lives and so on. I just need to say that I was wrong about you guys ,you guys rock.

  4. I don’t think it was at all the kids fault. Only an idiot would say that. It was probably the kids parents fault, for not instilling safety in the kid. Why is this 9yos’ parents letting him ride his bike along a busy highway? Parents of the year? Yikes! My mother NEVER would have let me leave the culdasac or neighborhood! Poor kid! Probably had shitty parents that fave him no rules and set NO boundaries? Where’s his helmet? Ugh. I hope he pulls through! Kids don’t deserve to die! They deserve no worry! No pain and no stress!

    1. You’re right, mate. Kids dont deserve to die. God saves them. I was looking up, and found the info that he really survived – concussion + some broked limbs + some other injuries, but he finally survived.

      Quote ==After proper police investigation, the boy and his mother, who was close by and could not keep an eye on her child, were found guilty. The truck driver was also PARTIALLY found guilty for a minor speeding. It should be noted that the truck driver did not hesitate and quickly reacted, such that the child survived.==Unquote

      Besg your pardon for rough translation.

  5. Is Russia really that corrupt where everyone needs a camera at every angle of their vehicle? Cars with rear-mounted cameras even. WTF. I have been thinking about this, and I think we should have nuked Russia during the Cold War.

    God bless America: A place where you only need a WITNESS to prove your innocents, and not a fucking video of what happened at nine different angles. Okay, sometimes you need a video to prove your innocent, but not a fucking bullshit car accident.

    1. ‘I think we should have nuked one of the other few and feeble white nations of this Earth based on their current prevalence of dash cams.’

      There are many, many nations which deserve a nuke before Russia and the United States is one of them.

  6. Hi Guys,

    Accidents like this are so sad. You think of your own kids. I know when I tought my 4 year old to cross the road, I always explain to look & keep looking as someone can so easily miss a red light even and plough into you. I once explained this to my friends lad and he was like ‘ok old man – we are on a zebra crossing, what can happen’…at that point some young twat in his pimped ride skidded over the crossing into a stationary car. Talk about illustrating a point lol.

    On the subject of the dash cams; I drive a class 1 in the uk & we all have dashcams.The reason is the amount of (staged) accidents and the compensation claims when you hit someone from behind. Because this ancient rule exists, people target trucks as they know they have great insurance. An easy way to make some serious dough. God knows how bad it could be in Russia where everyone is either a Mafia boss or a ex-Gulag member. Sorry for the long post – got carried away!

  7. Poor little boy. Thing is, children think they are immortal..invincible and it cant ever happen to them, hence children tend to take more risks crossing roads ect. The way I see it is as we get older we tend to take less and less risks as we become more aware of the dangers that lie all around us everyday, and that we are indeed mortal after all. I remember that feeling even now in my late 40s of “that could never happen to me” and all the stupid risks I took as a boy any one of which could have ended just like this or worse. I really hope that wee guy survived. I wish him well if he did.

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