Accident in El Salvador Leaves Multiple People, Including Children in Rough Condition

Accident in El Salvador Leaves Multiple People, Including Children in Rough Condition

Seven people, including three minors, were reportedly seriously injured in a traffic accident at kilometer 41 of the Litoral highway, near El Majahual beach, in the department of La Libertad, in El Salvador.

According to the National Civil Police (Policía Nacional Civil), the cause of the accident would have been the excessive speed of the sedan, that lost control and hit a harrow – an agricultural equipment pulled behind a tractor, used to break up the earth.

Props to Best Gore member @dub_dose for the aftermath video:

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      1. A 60 kph head on collision is survivable. Although speed is additive and 2 cars of similar mass, approaching at 60 kph have a combined speed of 120 kph, the actual energy is as if each car hit a brick wall at 60 kph.
        It’s for this reason that crash tests of vehicles are only done up to a speed of 64 kph at which this is a statistical probability of 85% fatality.

        Generally head on collisions above 70 kph tend to be fatal.

        1. I witnessed three fatal accidents in my life. I’ll discount the decapitation and the elderly cases, and skip to the chase. 1979. NYS Thruway, Buffalo, road construction.

          This involved a subcompact rally-type car passing me (55 mph, clearly recalled) and laughingly looking back at me just before exiting an abbreviated exit 33 ramp. Traffic was stopped, and there was a full-size Ford station wagon at the back of the pack. I was braking due to caterpillar-style traffic congestion, so I got to see the whole thing.

          The decedent turned his head just in time to see the immovable object. The little piece of shit was a grey-brown dust cloud. The noise I can’t remember.

          The officer said he didn’t require my testimony, so I proceeded. The wagoneers looked ok but I’m sure they went through standard procedure.

          I suppose it’s fair to estimate the collision no less than 80 kph.

          These data support your analysis.

          1. In my career I’ve seen hundreds of accident like this one, but in very rare case the outcome was good, when you arrive at the scene and seeing some like that, you know you have to deal with some deaths.

    1. Good luck with that, man. If I get to an accident like this one, I don’t want to be moved (expecially those dumbnuts)unless it is totally needed or ambulance arrives. Have you seen that those guys, who you called them “help”, did not check for fractured bones like spine or chest? If you got moved with a broken neck by a man without firs aid knowledge, then you are good as dead. I guarantee that those guys from El Salvador 80% they don’t know what first aid is…

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  1. Sometimes its best to just leave them as they are keeping an eye on them obviously the small child needed to be placed on his side especially as he seemed to coughing alot moving people around is a no no.

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