Accident Involving Van and Motorcycle Leaves Several People Shredded on Road

Accident Involving Van and Motorcycle Leaves Several People Shredded on Road

Accident Involving Van and Motorcycle Leaves Several People Shredded on Road

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Turkey.

The video shows the aftermath of an accident which appears to have involved a motorcycle and a van. There are at least three dead people on the road, some quite shredded. At least one was ripped in half. I think the upper part of the bottom that is next to the two whole corpses is what’s shown near the curb later in the video.

It’s amazing to think that the motorcycle may have butchered the van and its passengers.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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    1. Ha, you know what they say about that Brokeback, seatbelts can save lives, but they can’t cause miracles to happen. I never understood why the law says you have to wear a seatbelt in your car, but not on a motorcycle or the bus. LoL!

      1. I’m a delivery driver, and I don’t have to wear one either…

        Btw: I wonder how many motorists are pulled over for a seat belt violation at night?

        If my government’s so concerned about my personal well being, they can pay for my car/health insurance and tags, when I’m driving my own vehicle.

      2. Its been a few decades since I’ve been a schoolgirl, does anyone know if school buses ever got seatbelts for every seat? The most recent one I rode had ONE seat belt in the seat behind the driver (we had a special needs kid on that route) and that was it. It’s just something that always struck me as odd.

          1. @casualobserver

            No biting, but he did ask (loudly), “NADINE! (driver’s name) Where are we going?” at least once each and every single school day. I’m still amazed that she didn’t eventually snap and pull over to strangle the kid.

    1. LoL, I like how they make the small gestures. One pours a teaspoon of water on the smoldering shit, the other lays a red hanky on one of the splattered corpses. Come to think of it, was that water? Maybe he was pouring beer for his dead homey.

    1. It should be considered a waste of public funds for cops to be looking for things like that. They should have better things to do. I would rather pay them to sit and drink coffee and wait for the real calls than waste my time and tax payer money hassling me about a seatbelt. And FUCK NIGGERS!

    2. It’s $25.00 a citation here in (S)indiana. I’ve been nailed twice, for not wearing mine…

      It’s a good idea to wear one. However, getting fined for not wearing a seat belt, is like choosing not to wear a rubber before sex. I don’t need anyone to tell me to do so before I get fucked.

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  1. At 0:15 we see a bearded man in a dark blue shirt that has a sizable wound on his head.

    He doesn’t seem overly upset (by American cultural standards at least) so my hypothesis is this: Head Wound was driving the van. He was either heading in or out of that ‘road’ across the street with several more vans on it, as there’s some van-based business back there.

    Halfling was driving the motorcycle and speeding with two passengers (Chub and Char). Van made turn onto/off of the road, Halfling tried to brake and/or avoid but the bike was overloaded.

    Crash, boom, bang, whoosh (fireball), everything flips as it rolls down the street. Either the collision or one of the flips made Halfling a halfling and at some point Char became a flamer.

    We’re coming in late, bystanders are putting out the last of the flames and Head Wound is trying to figure out how to tell his boss that the van was totaled.

    The ‘luggage’ looks like some sort of cheap briefcase wannabe, although I’m still stumped as to whose it was.


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