Accident Involving Two Motorcycles and a Car Gives One Man a Brutal Face Lift

Accident Involving Two Motorcycles and a Car Gives One Man a Brutal Face Lift

Municipality of Ourinhos, state of Sรฃo Paulo, Brazil. 21 year old Julian Mendes da Silva was rising his golden Honda CB 300 when he rear-ended a Ford Fiesta which promptly fled the scene. The impact sent the young man into the path of oncoming traffic where he then collided with a black Honda Falcon, launching him from the bike and kissed the asphalt hard enough to smash his head and tear it off of his body. The other biker only suffered minor injuries. At first I asked myself, how fast would he have to be going in order to do this to himself? Then I remembered he was a biker, so the answer is too fast.

Mad props to Best Gore member Infected Banana for the brutal ass hook up.

68 thoughts on “Accident Involving Two Motorcycles and a Car Gives One Man a Brutal Face Lift”

    1. I was thinking how he reminds me of photos I’ve seen of guys’ heads chopped off, with the heads of their penis sticking out their mouths. That’s always a classy way of posing a guy’s head. We need more.

  1. There is a distinct odour of da Silva about his story.

    The young age of death, the complete lack of surprise right across his Chevy Chase, the way his life ended, da Silva, da Silva, da Silva.

    My conclusion, it was a very “da Silva” way to go.

  2. I hope the next time, someone thinks to cut the guy’s penis off and stuff it in the head’s mouth, with the head of the penis sticking out looking at you. You know, two heads are better than one!

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  4. I’m surprised there’s no doctor with an arm band and pulse machine on the body like that pic of the guy with half his brains on the ground. The guy with the home made fireworks/rocket launcher. That was priceless. Talk about a no-brainer…

      1. I know quite a few first responders though and this kind of thing is rare. Where bodies are completely ripped apart. Yes there are horrendous accidents but it seems like it’s nothing compared to the shit in these fucked up country’s…?

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