Accident Leaves Two Dead Women Spread Eagle

Accident Leaves Two Dead Women Spread Eagle

In Latin America, two females, one in a ditch and on the side of a road, are dead spread eagle. What better way to land a man than dying with perfect split position.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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47 thoughts on “Accident Leaves Two Dead Women Spread Eagle”

    1. On the contrary, BestGore helped me find more meaning in life. It’s only comparing your life with others that you can understand how lucky/unlucky you are, and how much you have/don’t have.

      Turns out, I’m pretty fucking lucky compared to the absolute majority of souls on this planet.

      1. I agree with all of you guys. When people ask me why I watch these videos I tell them that it opens my eyes to the world and makes me appreciate life more. I am also a way more cautious driver after seeing all the car/bike accident videos.

      1. Oh I agree with JadedCunt and Andrew.
        Seeing all this shite makes me realise just how goddam lucky I am.
        If you think your life is tough, then the life of these people must be intolerable and hopeless in comparison.

        1. yes I definitely agree, since I live in one of the richest and least corrupt country in the world. I must admit though my childhood has been fucking messed up since at the age of 11 my dad took his own life and then 5 years later my mother got cancer. luckily she survived. But watching videos here makes me appreciate all the things I still have. I also like all of you guys here on bestgore. proves i am not alone, thinking this way towards life.

  1. Village Locals say that on full moons the ghost of John Holmes aka el Diablo comes back and rapes female virgin victims. This is the aftermath. I don’t believe it,but that what the guy is saying in video.
    A close up of their pussy would nice to see what exactly happened to these lovely scissor sisters.

  2. Its a difficult part to comprehend as to how & why the two of them after the rape assault were left spreadeagled Was it that the chicks had attained orgasm before going in to perform road side yoga or was it the killer who helped them pose before leaving the scene.
    Or were the two of them simply hitch hiking getting mowed down in the bargain by a hit and run vehicle.

    1. the idea to wear a helmet is NOT to somehow SAVE YOU from dying but is to MINIMIZE THE CHANCE of dying which is VERY DIFFERENT, also if you hit ANYTHING at high speed for being reckless there is NO way a helmet OR “insert any protection here” that will save you. (so if you are reckless and die, well NOTHING IS LOSE, but I you kill others for being like this then YOU NEED TO BE PUT TO DEATH INMMEDIATELY)

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