Accident Leaves Many Mangled Bodies in the Street

Accident Leaves Many Mangled Bodies in the Street

Gruesome accident on a highway leaves multiple fatalities. At least one motorcycle and another vehicle collided. Looks like there were many riders on the motorcycle so when they got hit, that was it.

Got a death stare and a half pointer. Almost there, but not quite. No info on what caused the accident or where it took place. Just lots of carnage.

Props to MrsPink.

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        1. Hey I’m serious. This is precisely why I insisted on having a male surgeon perform my vasectomy… Cause I did NOT like the idea of a woman holding a sharp blade to my nutsack.

          1. Hahaha I can’t say I blame you if you’ve had a woman threaten your goods with a knife. You just have to stop going after girls with ‘I want to cut your balls off’ tendencies.

          2. Btw @LF there’s really no such thing as a woman that ‘isn’t’ crazy (no offence) though I grant you some are slightly crazier than others and unfortunately it’s those ones that I’ve always been attracted to and always regretting my time with. It’s a cruel, cruel cycle.

          3. Hahaha I really can’t argue with that, we all have a bit of craziness in us. You can’t help who you’re attracted too, hopefully you’ll find one who’s just funny crazy and not violent crazy. I’ve found over the years that I only attract crazy men who are emotionally unstable…it’s no fun lol.

        2. Ah, @Little Foot, we have one thing in common, then, I too, seem to attract bad boys (not the kinda cute bad boys, the violent ones…ouch…). But, hey, I’m a little bit crazy too, so…(the funny type, not the violent type, thank God…) πŸ™‚

  1. Why in the hell would someone walk through an accident scene barefoot? If I tried that there would be some much glass stuck in me it would not make sense and if there person had flip flops those were the thinnest one ive ever seen. As for the bodies a lot of good stuff there to bad they didn’t have a little more lighting to better show the extent of the damage.

        1. I once saw a women wearing a sari on the back of her husbands shit motor bike cradling a new born baby. If that’s not scary enough she was facing back wards with this tiny newborn. A lot of people with limited means hardly ever go anywhere, it’s not like they are commuting miles for their job, but often it’s simple laziness, rather than walk to the local supermarket people here will get into their cars which actually takes longer than a 10 minute walk. In some countries they would rather risk life and limb on a shit motor bike with a family perched on then walk if they have a choice.

  2. Ok so I read comments before I posted and I see we all agree. That fat corpse was smiling with eyes wide open.

    That’s awesome. His mom probably always told him I BROUGHT U IN THIS WORLD AND ILL TKE YOU OUT OF IT

    and he died with satisfaction knowing his mom didn’t do it.

    1. Hey @peachmuncher. They followed the trail of blood drops to a house where they found a Bull Dyke arm fucking her girlfriend with the stolen limb. Up to the bicep, they said.

    1. hahaha they are not debating. As matter fact, one of them is complaining that there is not good ” signage” on the streets. Therefore, there are many accidents in that area. This accident was not the first and they were complaining that its the ” authorities” fault that these events happen quite frequent.

  3. The dead fat guy appeared to be smiling. His last thought must have been about how pissed his his ex wife is gonna be without alimony checks. “Who’s laughing now bitch! Who’s laughing n……”

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