Accident Leaves Motorcyclist with Guts Hanging Out Abdomen in South America

Accident Leaves Motorcyclist with Guts Hanging Out Abdomen in South America

Accident Leaves Motorcyclist with Guts Hanging Out Abdomen in South America

Don’t know exact location, it sounds to be South of the Border.

A man is sitting on sidewalk after colliding with vehicle. No one knows who is to blame for the accident. The collision knocked the helmet off the driver. The man holds onto his guts, shown outside of his body.

I hear no sirens in the background. He probably doesn’t live much longer.

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    1. Kudos to the video provider ? Are we talking about the same guy? The one who just stands there filming this poor bloke who is also a human being, going into shock, no doubt wondering if he will survive the worst night of his life, yet is denied a comforting word, an ounce of compassion and most likely denied a 000 call for an ambulance because Steven Spielberg here is too concerned about his cinematography? What a fuckwit. Truly horrific and I hope sincerely this knob gets a big dose of his own one day soon…….

      1. And the female standing by makes it look deliberate. hoping someone calls 000 is far fetched fantasy for the victim. They’d rather call the vultures or organ traders to make a few bucks off his agony..

      1. Yeah, right. We all know he is not mega rich like every single american?? He actually looks to be quite well to do, if you can see past your ridiculous american bullshit. You obviously have no idea, that the USA is the ONLY country on Earth where citizens have to pay their own medical bills? Im Australian and had a blood clot in my leg earlier this year and spent 70 nights in hospital and walked out at the end without being asked for a cent. You probably also have no idea that your precious USA is a shithole, full of urban decay, divided by race, fucked healthcare, cops that hate people, a mentally ill liar of a president, mass shootings on a daily basis – you’ve got no idea how much better the rest of the world is compared to your 3rd world shithole police state. What a joke. Pppfftt !

    1. I think this is an excellent example of doing it right the first time. You know this guy is going to get banged up again and the duct tape outer surface provides an excellent base for additional applications. Plus, I doubt he has any medical insurance for regional hospital quackery.

  1. One of my first patients as a hospital corpsman was a guy that let the deadman switch on tbe missle launcher go while he was working on it. He had intestines hanging out and was trying to push them back in. Good times!

  2. Its in Brazil. The guy wuth guts out is saying his tooth is broken too and is asking someone to call for help. The guy filming is saying he doesnt have credit on his phone to call and he goes to the motorcycle and films a container close to where the helmet is. He then says that the guy hit the container, probably stomach first and thats what spilled his guts out

    1. I didn’t see a place to ‘edit’ but here’s my edit. I don’t understand people with cameras or phones that don’t drop those and try to comfort someone who’s dying. Looking at the list of comments, I must be a rare breed?

      Don’t you dare think for one instant that I haven’t experienced, first hand, something like this. I just don’t do like other people do.

  3. Poor guys pretty damn calm considering he’s holding his insides in his hand. I love the way motherfuckers just film shit now a days, instead of helping people. Fuck give him your shirt or something. Can’t even call 911, cause you gotta use your phone to get that on video! Nevermind, I don’t know why I’m bitching I like watching the shit

  4. Dude, I have no credits (cellphone)

    I do have, man.

    Where is your cellphone?

    At my pocket…

    But, dude, everything’s fucked up…


    Help, dude (in a sissy way)… Heeeeeep!


    I broke my teet too… Oh, dud, what the fuck is that (lookig down)

    (Something I didn’t understand)

    The boy went there, man.

    Aaaaaaew, daaaamn…

    The guy walk away and say to the woman “my God, what a horrible thingg, all his guts are outside… I think he hit on that container down there”

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