Accident in Tunisia – One Dead, One with Amputated Legs, One in Critical Condition

Accident in Tunisia - One Dead, One with Amputated Legs, One in Critical Condition

Tragic accident was caught on CCTV in the Brahem Valley, Tunisia on February 16, 2014. A truck driver plowed into a group of people sitting on a concrete ledge outside of a house. One person was killed – I think it was the one who was standing there in the middle of the road, one had his legs amputated and one remains in critical condition. The driver was clearly incompetent, but was probably also speeding – as was just about everyone on that stretch of the road.

Props to Best Gore member oizo for the video:

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    1. Also agree, those cars going past must be doing 100kph. The guy standing out in the road for most of the vid looked like he was asking for it. Did any one else have the feeling that they looked like Mexicans?

  1. 1 killed, 2 injured in a Safari Crash. This is bad management, seriously if this pressure goes on like in the past decade, the fauna in this area will never be able to stabilize itself again. Restraint is needed here.
    This doesnt implicitly apply to the western zoos.

        1. Yeah but if you do get hit they have the best hand signals to try to get help for you! Arm waving and jumping up and down – I guess they don’t see much trauma and nobody has a phone? Maybe they are in a rural area and it would take a long time for an ambulance?

  2. Does that first car go by doing a Nitrous shot?

    Also, I’m not sure what side of the road traffic drives in that country, but from what I could gather that retard was literally standing in the lane of traffic. Since the truck swerves into them I’d say he was avoiding a collision with a vehicle coming head-on in the other lane.
    I give mutual blame.
    Don’t stand in the middle of the fucking road, don’t speed down alleyway roads that barely have 2 lanes.

  3. Man that looked terrible…those poor guys..I don’t see why you’d sit that close to the street..hell I don’t see why that guys was standing in the middle of the street..I wouldn’t do that…why put your meatpuppet out there like that…meh..learned their lessons fast…

  4. For the most part, technology is lost on certain fvs. If they stuck to camels, there would have been no accident, maybe just some spit, along with a few barks and growls. And perhaps there might have been some of that from the camels, too.

  5. That guy standing in the middle of the street was a fucking idiot and had to know he had a chance of being hit by something. And it could just be me and my own mean streak, but I think the car or whatever crashed into them on purpose. Maybe he was already suicidal and thought, “Look at these motherfuckers鈥” and decided to take them out. Dunno鈥ust a thought lol

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