Accident Victim with Leg and Arm Broken Tries to Sit Up

Accident Victim with Leg and Arm Broken Tries to Sit Up

Accident Victim with Leg and Arm Broken Tries to Sit Up

I got no backinfo, but the video seems to show the aftermath of a traffic accident. The male victim is downed on the road with leg and arm broken, both on his right hand side.

Two flip flop women comfort the victim, who tries to sit up despite being all battered and broken. Had he not been the Chad type, the women probably wouldn’t give a shit and would continue pretending to care about their husbands and kids.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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53 thoughts on “Accident Victim with Leg and Arm Broken Tries to Sit Up”

          1. Lmao when grocery store I worked at was closing I took 2 lunchables and stole the snack size Nestle crunch bars out of them shhhh.

  1. LMFAO! Something about that picture sent me into hysterical laughter

    I think it was the way I gingerly read the title then slowly scrolled to the scene.. LOL!

    I didn’t play the video yet, probably will bum me out but wow was that funny!

    EDIT: played video. LOL at where it ends. Look at guy in upper left corner!

  2. Where are The 2 Tourniquet’s You Stupid Inbred Fuckers. The Points You’s Earned By Showing Him Some compassion were quickly erased when i looked at the amount of blood that he had lost, and was still losing, which will surely end-up taking his life soon.

    So + 5 Points for Compassion,,,
    – 10 Points For Sheer Stupidity, Dumb-Asses.

  3. You know you are my lover baby
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    1. chinelos : nos só andamos de chinelos em nossa cidade de origem , é como andar em casa. ao ir em outra cidade diferente usamos sapatos (chinelos só em casa )
      guarda chuva : usa-se por conta do calor em algumas cidades o calor é maior e pra não ficar no sol algumas pessoas saem com guardas chuvas
      espero ter ajudado sobre detalhes do meu brasil 🙂

      1. Thanks for the info! I wear slippers at home as well (just not flip-flops). Some people also use umbrellas (parasols) here for the same reason as in your Brazil…
        “slippers: we only walk in slippers in our home city, it is like walking at home.
        when going to a different city we wear shoes (slippers only at home)
        umbrella: used because of the heat in some cities the heat is higher and not to stay in the sun some people go out with umbrellas
        I hope I helped on details of my Brazil”

    1. She’s back….but…I need my furnace reamed, errr I mean, cleaned urgently. That’s what furnace-boy said anyway….it was his BLM gloves and face mask that really turned me on. Even God can’t help me now. Awwrrrooo

      1. It is so funny you mention the black gloves . There is something so odd about them. We had them at work and I put on one set and I couldn’t do it again. I stole blue from the back

        Maybe it is because gloves represent sterility and then you slip on black skins, no idea but black latex gloves are 100% weird

        Your trip sounded awesome!!! Cook for me

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