Accident Victim Sits on Road with Both Legs Completely Destroyed

Accident Victim Sits on Road with Both Legs Completely Destroyed

Apparently this happened in Indonesia. The video shows the aftermath of a traffic accident. The victim is a man, who’s sitting up on the road with both of his legs completely destroyed. There is a sizeable smear on the road that his legs have been reduced to.

According to the information I got, even though the man is still alive in the video, he died upon the arrival in hospital.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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79 thoughts on “Accident Victim Sits on Road with Both Legs Completely Destroyed”

    1. Everytime now that i see someone on the road whether smeared or with both legs turned to pulp, i immediately think its India. Lol not this time i guess. But its insane how much it happens in India tho and they all end up looking the same way ect and thats just what the camera catches, that means it probably happens like 4 times more than we’re aware of.

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  2. They did what they could with what little they had. Commendable to say the least. That much blood loss and significant injury doesn’t leave much hope for survival. At least get him to urgent care to get some hard core pain meds to ease his suffering leaving this life. Admirable they didn’t leave him where he lay, alone to contemplate his untimely fate as we’re so accoustomed to seeing over and over again.

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