Aftermath of Accident Between Drunk Motorcyclist and Trike Taxi in Philippines

Aftermath of Accident Between Drunk Motorcyclist and Trike Taxi in Philippines

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @MissEve, who filmed the aftermath of an accident caused by a drunk motorcyclist in the Philippines:

Hi Bestgore! I am a fan of your site.

I am from the Philippines and would like to share the videos of the aftermath of an accident that happened on October 28, 2017 at around 10:30pm-11.30pm, between a motorcycle and a tricycle.

According to people from the site, the rider of the motorcycle was drunk. The drunk smashed the tricycle in head-on crash, causing the tricycle to swerve.

I am not sure if the drunk driver survived but there’s some blood coming out of his mouth. The driver of the tricycle has a broken leg and hand from the accident. He had 3 passengers with him at that time. Luckily all of them survived and only one passenger was injured, but not seriously.

In the video, the man lying unconsciously with blood on his mouth was the drunk driver. The guy standing beside him was checking him if he was still alive, but the police at the scene reprimanded him, telling all not to touch the drunk driver.

The other video shows the tricycle driver. His leg was badly injured and you can see a bone sticking out. But he was able to move his toes/foot when the medic asked him to, so probably his knee is still intact and he still could walk with both legs.

I’m sorry for the quality of the video because the area was dark, there were no lamp posts in there, which probably contributed to the accident.

Also, I’m still quite squeamish even if I go to your site, so I did not try to go near the two drivers.

But being a bestgore fan I still took the opportunity to take the videos and register so I can share them with other bestgore members. And I think this is an exclusive video because I’m the one who took those shots. Thank you and more power to Bestgore! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you so much for the videos, @MissEve. They are of outstanding quality for having been filmed at night and you did a great job capturing the aftermath. Even if someone else filmed their own videos of the same scene, the fact that you only shared the videos you filmed with Best Gore makes your videos exclusive. And I sincerely appreciate sharing them with our community. Respect.

Here’s the video of the presumed drunk biker who apparently caused the accident:

And the video of the injuries to the trike mototaxi driver. The sign on his trike suggests the incident happened in the city of Lucena, located in the province of Quezon:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Aftermath of Accident Between Drunk Motorcyclist and Trike Taxi in Philippines”

  1. Thanks miss eve but i can tell you wiggling toes means nothing, i had a steel plate fall on my foot and i could wiggle my toes but the joint higher up, talonavicular was crushed, it still gives me hell after years and two ops, i might have to have the foot off, trust me that fella might still have to lose his leg.

  2. Jesus fucking Christ, how slow are the medics ? standing around like they are on a coffee break wtf. “Oh we’re just looking around for some dirty old rags to wrap up the cut.. lemme have a wander around for a while” useless as a hat full of assholes.

  3. Miss Eve, my asawa is from Lucena city! Her parents are in Gulang-gulang. I am not surprised to see this sort of accident, safety is not really a priority in the Phils! Still love the Phils with all that’s good and bad about that country.

  4. I’ve been to the Davao City area and sure the place is poor and most people there struggle to make there ends meet! But I was there an entire month and will be returning in February because the people were very welcoming and friendly and respectful and I experienced not one single problem during my visit!

  5. fuck philippines, everything sucks. from government down to the citizens, including our technologies are all fucked up. someday, when iโ€™m gonna be the president of this forsaken cunt-try and iโ€™m gonna put all muslim pinoys on gas chambers. iโ€™ll pour thier bloods on underconstruction skycrapers to make the cement stronger. Gonna have a giant government owned telecom who provides lightspeed internet for free

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