Aftermath – Accident Causes Brain Ejection

Aftermath - Accident Causes Brain Ejection

Location is definitely not in the Americas but indeed a dindu country nestled somewhere in Asia

A female walking on roadway records video, which ends up becoming short-lived accident aftermath footage.

A man lies motionless, his brain matter ejected out cranium. The snotted remains are result of an irreversible impact. His mind is delivered ahead of his body and soul.

The flashlight within his arm’s reach will hopefully be put to good use and find out where his flipflops ran off to.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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          1. I don’t care why you change them, all I ask is that you keep this one for a bit. Please don’t take offense, but I think you are looking all types of good.

    1. Pointer-Alert.
      He is (with his left hand) pointing to is ass, as this was a” cut-out scene” from
      The Movie **No Country For Old Men** that came-out a few years ago now.
      And that Mexican Bad-Dude in The Movie,,, He Gone Shove Shoved
      Dat Compressor thingy Up his Ass and blew his brains outta there, me thinks!

  1. I wonder if that jib jib is any less smarter without the grey matter… Jib jibs here in America are definitely on the same I.Q. level as that fucker even after losing the grey matter.

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