Aftermath of Accident in Brazil – Biker with Broken Arm, Fat Woman Crying

Aftermath of Accident in Brazil - Biker with Broken Arm, Fat Woman Crying

Aftermath of Accident in Brazil - Biker with Broken Arm, Fat Woman Crying

Not much in terms of backinfo, but apparently it’s from Brazil. The video shows the aftermath of a traffic accident. By the looks of it, the motorcyclist hit the car.

For obvious reasons, the biker is beat up more than car passengers. He’s down with compound forearm fracture. When the camera moves to film the woman by the car, you can see the damage to the rear seats door on the passenger side, suggesting that’s where the impact with the motorcyclist happened.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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95 thoughts on “Aftermath of Accident in Brazil – Biker with Broken Arm, Fat Woman Crying”

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          2. Ah, Mr Spock.
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  1. He got what he deserves. Judging by the damage to the bike he must have been flying down that city street. Most city streets are 30 mph, there is no way he was traveling at a safe speed.
    I just wonder how he amputated his hand. That would have been good viewing.

    1. Not too long ago I was struck on my motorcycle, impacting the side of a pickup as the individual decided to not see me and make an unsafe (fined and deemed to be at fault) left turn.

      I had been cautiously watching the truck and almost managed to come to a complete stop.

      My bike was destroyed, and I dented the shit out of the door.

      Don’t assume the motorcycle was in the wrong, as I am more likely to blame the fat piece of shit crying on the ground because she just destroyed someone’s life for no reason.

    1. I’ve been riding a bike for about 5 years now.It’s not for everyone.It requires good judgment and situational awareness.It’s definitely more dangerous than driving a car but high risk =high reward.It’s a feeling like no other.
      You’re not in a steel cage, you feel the wind, you feel the thrill and you can finally feel free.
      Don’t hate it only because you can’t understand it.

      1. I completely understand what you’re talking about, I had a bike that had been stolen many years ago, I was 23 then, a Majesty YP 250. The asshole who stole it was my neighbor and he almost died with it while fleeing the police, the scooter was literally cought into two, I was so fuckin sad cause I really enjoyed riding it a lot 🙂

        1. So where is this hate coming from?
          I’ve had 4 minor accidents on the bike ( 2 when riding alone, 2 as a passenger),I’ve been even run over by a drunk cunt riding a bike! LOL
          And you know what? FUCK IT, I won’t let fear to control me!

      2. Yes Pavlova.
        Defensive riding.
        Situation Aware.
        Never take your eyes away from where you are going.
        Always remember that every other road user is a potential killer with the weapon to do that to you.
        Always maintain your distance.
        Always keep space around you.
        Never letting your guard down.
        Even when you think nothing is there.
        Always think ahead.
        Remember it is the future you are propelling yourself into.
        Never look at your own reflection.
        Always looking to seek what may be coming.

        PS: I suggest that you take out an additional insurance for your lovely legs..!!!
        Ride safely, Ride free.
        But above all, Stay focused…

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          1. Hahaha haha.
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            I’m sure I will be.
            PS: I’m eating laxatives now with a bowl of serial…

  2. As a paramedic, I’ve seen that type of injury before. I suspect that the accident launched him forward, and he put his hands out to protect his face.

    I agree, this guy must have been flying judging by the extent of that Ulna and Radius (the bone that is on the side of your thumb) bone snap.

          1. I’ve been riding for years myself, and have crashed as well. There’s just no way he was speeding and came to a complete stop wearing only a helmet and flip flops and didn’t die

  3. After hitting the car the bike must have done frontflip and hit its front wheel to the ground really hard.
    I have no other explanation why front wheel support is bent at 90 degree forward.

  4. The forks broke right in half and then separated that’s a hell of an impact that he was involved in.
    I Would not be one bit surprised if he did not have some internal injuries to go with his fucked right hand.

    1. With a impact like that and the fight or flight response I’m surprised he didn’t piss himself although there might be a shit in his form fitting pants. Reminds me of a dirtbike wreck i had where my jacket saved my life but not my pants, i layed there pushing a rock hard log of shit into my skin tight super skinny jeans while freaking out lmao! I got lucky though and didn’t get hurt but i had a protective jacket on. A guy that hated me put a strand of barbed wire across a road and clotheslined me when i rode through and the collar saved my life.

        1. It was my jacket that saved me. My constipation is actually what nearly got me killed because i was riding home to use the bathroom when it happened. Thank goodness my skinny jeans were stretchy haha!

  5. man on road in a car i already feel like its just a matter of time before im dead not cause im a bad driver but cause over the years the amount of retarded shit i seen and accidents happen its like man it just takes 1 dumb mofo at the wrong time and really thats that. RIP if the man is dead

  6. I Fucking hate third world country street videos. They’re always recorded with a fucking 1st generation android who was stolen from a dead body in a car crash. Shitty sound, shitty video, shaky as fuck, out of focus.
    If I had 1 dollar for every pixel in this video, I’d have 1 Dollar.

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