Aftermath – Accident Leaves Woman Mangled

Aftermath - Accident Leaves Woman Mangled

In unknown country, woman is severely mangled after road accident. Whatever ran her body over, obliterated her to un-walking condition. Middle part of body is mushed in half. Arm is severed, looking like a gnawed piece of chicken.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for this gnarly aftermath footage:

NEMESIO-KONG-SERAPHIM Enterprise Productions®

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  1. @Honkeykong

    Geez-Man,,, You Must Have An Incredible Archive/Collection Of Worldwide Tasty Gore-Biscuits,,, In Order To Keep Supplying @SeraphimSerenata With Everyday! So These Video Cookies, They Must be Taking-Up Like “*50 Thousand Kilobytes*” To Fucking Store Brother.

    And I Do Not Even Want to Contemplate Going There, if You are The Type Of Guy, (As I Myself Am) Who Loves To Dip Their Cookies/Biscuits in Milk, Cause North Carolina Would Have A Shortage Of Milk. 😉

        1. @hopingfornemesis
          Lol, my dude.
          Yea, when i first saw their Corporate Name with the “R” For Trademark, i had a good chuckle. But since my last comment about cookies dipped in Da-Milk,,, i had to change it up, yea? lol,

          Hey Nemes,,, do you know how to do that “Circled R” For Registered Trademark ?? And if so, can you “Please” show me where to to get-it, or how to do it?

    1. Dre, I download five to ten a day. Once I know that SS has received them, I delete them. Otherwise I wouldn’t have room for more of them. Some people complain that some of the content is old, but as long as we have content, then it’s all good to me.

      1. Tell the ones that complain about The Oldness To Simply Fack-Off, lol. And Tell Them That Old-Man Dre Does Not Complain About His Age, When (shhhhh, i actually do) on most days! 😉

        You’re doing A Phenomenal Job My Man, and @SeraphimSerenata Compliments-It Big Time. You’s Fucking Rock!

    1. @uli

      How/Where You Been Sir??? as you bright-Yellow Avatar Picture has not caught my eyes in the longest time my Good Veteran B G Brother. Anyways,,,it’s always nice to see you back! 🙂

      I Hope That You Were Gone Somewhere Hot With Lots Of Bikini’s, and Coconut-Palms on Holiday! 🙂

  2. This proves, without a doubt that God is REAL!!!!

    How? It appears that the pussy is still in tact enough to fuck. Whom else but God would have salvaged (probably) the best damn thing He ever created?

    Other than 420.

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