Aftermath – Brazilian TV Anchor Dies in Helicopter Crash

Aftermath - Brazilian TV Anchor Dies in Helicopter Crash

This video was sent in couple days after (sorry about that Monkeyman) the alleged news helicopter crash carrying a popular tv anchor, Ricardo Boechat.

The burning wreckage of the news helicopter was carrying Ricardo Boechat, an award-winning Brazilian television news anchor, when it crashed on one of Sao Paulo’s main highways Monday, Feb. 11, 2019.

Ricardo Boechat was returning from a university in the city of Campinas. The helicopter tried to land in an access road close to a toll station. But then the truck came and they crashed. The fire occurred because of the collision. The pilot also died.

Police confirm the truck driver suffers only minor injuries. Boechat was frequent mediator of presidential debates for his network. President Jair Bolsonaro, a frequent target of Boechat’s criticism, expressed his condolences on Twitter.

A polytraumatic head injury caused the death of the journalist. He was 66 years old and left behind six children by two different woman.

Thank you @laurahorlle for providing the information that led to the eventual posting of this video:

….@seraphim-serenata yeah, the one who killed journalist Ricardo Boechat! The curious thing about it is that a girl who was passing by in her motorcycle managed to save a couple of people who were trapped inside a truck by HERSELF while everyone else was too busy filming the whole shit happening with their stupid Samsung phones. Humans… lol

Sidenote- I would like to thank all the Best Gore members who gave kindhearted birthday wishes yesterday. A word to the wise, don’t drink and type!

Props to @honkeykong and @morgul1991 for the aftermath crash video:

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  1. Fuck the only watchable frames were that of the chick who got down from the truck wearing a well contoured tank top as if her melons were in a mood to go pendulous .
    Showing her side boob from the right could have brought in ;some semblance of order but nevertheless she played her part beautifully by saving many and her valor deserves kudos.

  2. “…ladies and gentlemen, we have just landed in Sao Paulo and on behalf of the pilot and crew, we hope you had a pleasant flight. Please remain seated while the ‘fasten seat belts’ sign is lit. Please ignore the flames and aviation fuel leaks, and we do hope you enjoyed flying with Brazil Airlines and we look forward to your next flight with us. Thank you.”

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