Aftermath of Carnage by Train in Amritsar, India

Children Among Victims of Amritsar Carnage

Aftermath of Carnage by Train in Amritsar, India

Times of India reports the death toll for the train accident at the Joda Fatak area of Amritsar, where hundreds had gathered to watch burning of Ravana effigy, has risen to 61.

The railway board has said that the people on the tracks were trespassing, and that whereas there is no speed restriction and the section is not manned, the train operator cannot be held responsible.

Props to Best Gore members @edward63 and @carnage-2 for the video of the aftermath:

Props to Best Gore member @cmpunk1987 for the aftermath pics of the carnage:

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162 thoughts on “Aftermath of Carnage by Train in Amritsar, India”

    1. I’m just glad the train operator isn’t going to be held responsible for this shit, if this happened here in USA there’d be a hundred lawsuits against him and the company because of their stupidity….

    2. Trains and indians go hand in hand for some fucking reason.
      I guess when indians die by train related incidents they go to a special place in the afterlife similar to vikings going to valhalla if they die in battle.

          1. The truth is that getting hit by a train is considered by the One Being as the ultimate sacrifice and you get to choose what you reincarnate to in your next life. A Hindu’s spiritual journey is never complete without this last act.

  1. Well, that’s what you get for being:

    a) Religious
    b) Stupid and ignorant

    I don’t hate them hindus. I just don’t care about people who die out of their own mistake. And that’s the kind of mistake which you have no right to make.

  2. Well seems @carnage-2 has some explaining to do, funny usually around festival time in India we have runaway floats, trains, trucks plowing through people. So we can expect an uptick in epic carnage around this time of year?

          1. I’m glad Sphinx mentioned safety. Goddam it, please make sure you set up and confirm a short term contract with Ravana LLC. A permanent sperm count of 0.00? Nice knowing you, buddy!

  3. “The railway board has said that the people on the tracks were trespassing, and that whereas there is no speed restriction and the section is not manned, the train operator cannot be held responsible“.

    Yep. Even children know not to play on railway tracks.

    Darwinism 101.

      1. Just think… we could have a separate little window up in the corner here with a countdown timer “Since Last Accident” and it would change camera views every minute or so to capture the feeds from all the known accident spots around India.
        Hmmm… I think we’re onto something here.

          1. Exactly at @honkeykong
            And Because that would be A Perfect Name, For Our New Business Venture,,, You would have the Opportunity to get Monthly Royalty Payments for Life, since coming-up with the name, but i would have to discuss the amount With Me Partner @Brokeback First!

        1. Yep,,, and since I Personally Own, 4 Infrared Hunting Cameras, or “Game Cameras”, as they are oftentimes called, we would have a Great Shot at Capturing all the Action, Therefore we would be able to accomplish our Main Gore-Goal.

          And that is our new B G Business Venture Together. And Because, i,m sure you already know,, They Turn-On automatically Every time that something as big as a Deer, or A Human Walk by, we would capture it all, and Seize Ze-Moment, yea, lol ??? 😉

          1. @Brokeback ,,,
            You fucker!
            So you send me alone,,, A Crippled Old Man,,,,, Alone. 🙁 I Need You Too, Cause 2 Cripples would stand a much better chance of surviving that Shit-Hole place ya know! IU Think that you want me to go alone so when i get run over by A Train you can then tell everybody that You Dindunothin right you prick? 😉

          2. @GNeveNL

            Yes brother, as it will most probably get splashed on the lens by Yours Truly as i,ll stop at the first Indian Restaurant that i see, probably at the fucking Airport”, lol, since i,ll be in India. And i will pig-out on Butter Chicken,,, Curry Chicken,,,& freshly stone baked Naan Bread, while adjusting my camera;s, So yep,Le Grand Splash will undoubtedly occur. 😉

        2. The greatest problem with Indian Railways isn’t festival madness or even outdoor shitting, it’s train derailments. And, a significant source is rail tampering. Miscreants reportedly like to remove the rail joints, called fishplates, to cause these accidents.

          If you guys are so bloodthirsty, why don’t you sponsor a criminal organization?

  4. They’re obviously not TRAINed at an early age to stay clear of the tracks. Dumb fucks. When I was told at a young age “boy, you need to stay on track” I knew they didn’t mean a train track.

    That paki cunt in the white, I know him. He tried to scam me saying i have a virus on my computer.

  5. And the attraction continues. Their souls and subtle bodies flying high, higher than the fireworks, desperate in their attempt to stay… How many lifetimes on this planet of death, drowning in misery, happy, getting lost, coming back, getting fixed…destroyed.

    I mean what force can endure all this? It really looks like there is no meaning to it either…

  6. So they where tresspassing and the festival officials sent a train to clear to rabble, shoulda sent a couple more trains afterwards the tracks still have people in them.

    Also what do i need to do to be able to post on the forums.

        1. Sadly I’m not sure mate. My account is relatively new and I still have the banner when I visit my profile page saying “welcome to bestgore. You can comment on posts, but some social features may be limited. We will notify you by email once activated.

          I have no clue how the system works but that seems like a long time to get activated.

  7. Who ever would have imagined that a Train would come along on Train Tracks? What a shocker that must have been. The last thing I would expect to see on a set of Train Tracks is a Train! What did they think the purpose of Train Tracks were? Surely not to make room for viewing a festival.

    Then… BOOM

    “OMG, a Train has come along and killed dozens of us who were using the tracks to view a festival. The Railroad should have waited for us to finish before proceeding through, I like when other people wait on me to finish doing what I am doing because I am a privileged citizen”.

    Not this time motherfuckers!!!

  8. Bunch of idiots were standing on railway tracks for celebrating the ceremony, railway track is not the place to hang around, its not the drivers or the station masters fault, lack of common sense and stupidity, should have been easily avoidable if those people used a little brain

  9. Choo Choo Motherfucker!
    What in the hell of a deal has Indians to do with the train? Parsi doesn’t want to live she goes and lays on train track. Arabi sneaks his head out of a moving train then he gets decapitated by the pole. Ravi electrocutes himself by touching the power line on the train roof and 1 trillion fucking more stories of indian train shit. Train has confirmed 100% death object to India

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