Aftermath of Deadly Crash in Thailand, Several Dead, One Boob Exposed

Aftermath of Deadly Crash in Thailand, Several Dead, One Boob Exposed

Brutal carnage on a road in Thailand. There is a minibus on the road that looks like it was hit by a tank, and over half a dozen of what I presume were passengers aboard it, scattered around dead. There is one visibly exposed boob among the carnage, and one lightly injured survivor.

Makes you wonder what goes through someone’s mind when everyone with whom they shared a ride dies violent death before their eyes, and they are the only ones to live to tell the tale. I also wonder what struck the minibus. It looks beyond demolished but I can’t seem to see another vehicle that would have shared a kiss with it.

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      1. The only logical reason would be that a foreign tourist jumped in front of the vehicle and committed suicide… But really it appeared that their was a big truck on the side of the scene missing tires. Maybe that was the cause. Also at 4:59 minute mark did anyone see that corpse lift up his head?

          1. No LSD HERE. HAHA. So if you go back at look again when they are attempting to save what seems to be the only survivor, to the left of her pinned in between the door is a bloody person who lifts their head briefly.

        1. I saw it lift its head at 4:49…I cant tell if its someone from behind doing something that made it move, but I definately saw the head lift up so you can see more of the bloody face. You must have meant 4:49 instead of :59….check again, its weird.

    1. I imagine it hit the the truck shown in the background. Pause the video at 2:08. It shows a truck pulling a trailer. The front tires of the trailer are behind the trailer and off to the passengers side causing the trailer to be tipped downward.

  1. Well, one thing is for sure, whatever hit that vehicle was definitely bigger and badder. What was that anyway, a Thai clown car?? You can’t even really tell how many bodies are there!

  2. The vehicle totaled is one of those cross province van available all over Thailand. They’re notorious for always breaking the law and reckless driving. I use to sit on them all the time traveling around Thailand. My asshole puckers everytime they hit 90 on a 60 mile road, which is all the time. I’d learn to avoid them if I can and take the slower crappier bus.

    1. I could be wrong and maybe it’s not a van, then it’s the worse of them all—the green bus. They’re way worse than the vans. There’s one time during rush hour, I was waiting for a bus for 3 hours at the bus stop so I resorted to taking it home. It was so packed I had to hang out the door as they’re speeding through the road, stopping abruptly or making turns that could potentially flip the bus… An interesting time but not something I’d want to do again. That said, accidents like this happen all the time.This vid is one of the worse I’ve seen, but still not as bad as one I’ve acttually seen

    2. Never been to Thailand. But in Jamaica they use those vans. Luckily, the Jamaicans are too high to drive dangerously. They are more “yeah mon, go ahead, pass us just don’t make me drop this blunt”.

      Last time I was there the driver stopped at this crappy little beach bar. My ex went to the bathroom, came out with an ounce of weed for $100. Apparently he went into the stall, and when he did dude next to him knocked and asked “what you looking for.”… Had coke, weed, etc. Driver no doubt was paid to stop here so they could sell to tourists. Weed wasn’t strong, but very pleasant.

      1. I couldnt believe no one seemed to check anyone’s pulse for 6 mins, and when those other emergency workers turned up they did it and found another person still alive…..jeez!

    1. @Stomper.
      You’ve really thought this one through, I imagine you’re seeing the impact in your minds eye! In slow motion! Cos I know I am, didn’t count on bird in the middle, virtually unharmed, staring at total carnage though? She looked properly stunned.

  3. This was obviously a high-speed accident but hitting one car wouldn’t have done all that damage. This vehicle had to have rolled or hit something else even more solid than a car or it did all the above.

  4. This is the best cinematography skills I have seen of any videos coming from Thailand…I am not talking quality, it ‘s just the way it was recorded.>>> smooth filming not shaky and long takes,.

  5. I just can’t understand how this could happen. Suppose the driver didn’t have a Jasmin flower garland hanging in the window to appease the road spirits or whatever. The times I’ve ridden these busses and the crazy fuckers drive like they want to die….but an old GF over there told me if the flowers are fresh, the spirits will protect you. Wonder if that figures in the accident explanation, if there even was one?

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