Family Car Road Crash in Vietnam

Family Car Road Crash

Family Car Road Crash

Family car road crash in Vietnam.

No further info.


Hey @seraphim-serenata that’s Vietnam. I can recognize Vietnamese anywhere and Vietnamese people have very vague features and language among Asians.

Thank you @ogdirtydee for the update!

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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    1. They were removing the bodies to clear the wreckage so that the living wouldn’t be further delayed. They even covered them so that the newly dead would have some dignity…didn’t look like there was much else they could do.

          1. Lol! Nothing like a quote from Full metal jacket! “This here is pure Alabama black snake, and the shit ain’t too goddamn buku”. Could write the whole dialogue for that scene. Priceless

  1. Here where i live lots of people drive jacked up trucks and lifted vehicles so if they take you on they are rolling right over ya!

    That is the thing about these “cars”
    It does not matter how careful you are
    And your life could be changed forever or taken in just a split second !

    my english is kinda shitty, so sorry if u hav a hard time reading this.
    Im a vietnamese, and i’ve been repeat listening to this more than 10th time, and i just cant understand what they talking about.
    Vietnamese is a quite small country, so if it have some car crash, it will be on the new papper the next day, and i’ve been searching for this car crash base on the date, no sign of it in vietnamese.

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