Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Brazil, Rollover?

Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Brazil, Rollover?

Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Brazil, Rollover

I got no backinfo at all on this video, but the language sounds Portuguese to me and the SAMU ambulance is something we’ve seen in videos from Brazil before.

The video shows the aftermath of a traffic accident. At least one man seems to be dead. There is another injured man outside of the vehicle and two injured women inside.

The involved vehicle is in a rather beat-up state, and it seems to be a flagship Toyota, maybe a 4Runner, which are solid built. And I don’t see any other vehicle involved, so I’m guessing this could have been a high-speed rollover.

What do you guys think? Any idea on what happened here?

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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      1. @HonkeyKong
        I Agree as i’m sure that they hit Da-Bong Right Before. And Brother what do ya think,,,
        Is it The Ambulance that sounds like that, or is it a fucking Tractor, lol ??

        Hope all is well with You & Yours & that you’s are Staying-Safe.

        1. Well, my best friend died today, so I’m not doing great. Life is too short. I just got off the phone with one of his daughters, and FUCK! I don’t even know what to do. The rest of his family doesn’t even know yet.

          1. @HonkeyKong
            Please Accept My deepest Sympathy, as I Am so sorry for your loss Brother. 🙁
            And oh my God, that will surely be a tough call for whomever decides to make-it, if they live far away, and the news cannot be delivered in person.

            God-Bless You Brother during this (what must be for yourself & his Daughter) a very difficult time, especially on top of all this Covid-19 mess. Cause a funeral Service will be a difficult thing to attend, in more ways than one. 🙁

            If i can do anything to help ease your pain, I am here for you.

          1. @HonkeyKong
            No worries bro, as the least i can do is give you my condolences. 🙁

            But please my man,,, Even though this must be a very tough pill to swallow,,, Do not let This bother You, and get you down too much, & to the point where you could lose touch with the reality of that Covid-19-Shit that is still going-on brother.

            And i say this cause You must remain Vigilant, Strong, & Safe “no matter what” through this difficult time.

  1. Nearby rats couldn’t enjoy delicious brain meal, it seems.
    High Speed + Drinking + Woman driver = Summoning the Grim Reaper Himself.
    You might get away with the traffic ticket, but you won’t get away with death.

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    1. @Bad Jonny
      That was brilliant Brother,,, Well Done my man,,, Well Done. 🙂
      I can tell that the girl got the snot kicked-out of her, as she is still picking her nose man.
      Or wait,,,,,, Maybe i’m wong, & She’s Just A Chinese Broad and having a snack

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  3. Judging from my experience as a paramedic, it appears to be a high speed rollover. Perhaps there was a curve in the road that the driver either missed or misjudged. It is not uncommon for these types of accidents to result in flattened skulls as the body is partially pushed out an open window.

    I wrote a 20,000 word novella based on a ‘ghost experience’ from a real life accident where a 19 year-old girl missed a very subtle curve in the road, causing her to hit a huge oak tree dead center of her 1973 Ford Torino. The engine block was in the drivers compartment, the drive-shaft was cork-screwed into ground about a foot from the base of the tree. The driver’s hair and facial flesh were burned away in the crash, leaving what I first mistook for a bowling ball in the front seat.

    That accident happened back in August of 1975, and the tree still bears the scars of the collision. I saw a lot of fatalities, but that one was definitely top three in my career.

    1. it was a rollover, probably high speed, but the rollover happened after the Hilux hit another vehicle that was entering the road from the shoulder. The female nurse driving the Strada vehicle entering the road from the shoulder gave a very strange account of the collision. It seems she didnt see the Hilux coming and was responsible for the impact. The story in the link below, with the pics of the couple that died:

          1. Agreed! That insurance company better work fast here and get to the bottom of things. I’ve heard if you’re a really good ins agent you can make enough commission to afford a good rump roast for dinner every week….

  4. If you drive like a dumbass and die from it, dont expect any empathy. I sure as hell don’t. Its a harsh lesson to drive safe. Even if it wasn’t their fault, like if someone else hit them, it still shows the lesson that driving with your head up your ass is the biggest dick move you can ever pull.

    1. I believe he was definitely up to funny business with the woman in the back. The driver -female with the legs (still alive in the front) kept looking back in the mirror out of jealousy and flipped the car on a clear take anyway.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha every fucking airbag in the car went off and Pablo still died. No seatbelt apparently and he musta been like a fucking pinball inside that car!!! Probably wouldn’t have had a chance anyway in that violence and pestulence riddled shit hole and their hospitals being a step below a veterinary office.

  6. I think Albert Camus died in a crash like this, and was still alive, barely, while the crowd gathered around him and made comments.

    Twilight Zone stuff.

    as for Brazil? anybody who doesn’t die by machete has had an easy death

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        1. Of the three fatal accidents I witnessed:
          – one was an old guy leaning forward and I was maybe a 1/2 city block away walking across the street. I was very young, didn’t get too close, pretty sure it was a Cadillac and not much damage.
          – the other was a puny little rally car that got buried into a tractor trailer nearly up to the rear windshield.
          – the last one was just ahead of me flying like hell but exiting a lane, and rear ending a Ford station wagon. A lot of shit flying around inside the compact car.

          1. yea i saw some but never nothing to gore the only probably was when we were driving by this shooting and it was a guy on the ground who had been all shot and also we were in the car on the highway and some guy was standing on the bridge about to jump but the police shot him n he still fell over the bridge

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  10. Seems like all of the test dummies were on a Whiskied Wanderlust for a speedy roll overs and they pretty much got it all wrong what they weren’t looking for .

    Sometimes , its the babes scene , booze and untimely hard-ons serve pretty much to be a recipe for a big disaster .

  11. Very unusual to have a fully clothed female brazilian spectator they’re almost always wearing hot pants & vests & men in their speedoless shorts none of them ever display any emotions including children

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