Aftermath of Fatal Accident on Churchill Roosevelt Highway in Trinidad

White Shirt Guy Looks Like Survivor

These pictures are of a vehicular accident involving a car and a pick up truck that occured in Trinidad, WI on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway.

This happened at 10:35p.m on the 5th of December 2016. The accident left six people dead, three from each vehicle. Five people died at the scene and the sixth while undergoing treatment.

Apparently, the car broke the red light at high speeds and t-boned the pick up. The driver of the pick up was reportedly killed on spot. The accident involved a total of 9 people, 3 of which survived.

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75 thoughts on “Aftermath of Fatal Accident on Churchill Roosevelt Highway in Trinidad”

  1. Friend of mine was killed in a vehicle crash couple of weeks ago, very good chance I could’ve been in the car at the time, he wasn’t wearing his seat belt and was ejected from the car through the windshield. Can’t stop playing back in my mind the final oh shit thoughts before the end…. I miss you buddy, went too soon.

    1. “sorry for you loss”

      Friend of mine was hit by a car (he was 14 years old) and the car droves away…. after 20 minutes the driver thought “ohh i should help” he drove back and called a emergency but my buddy was already dead…. it turns out the driver was drunk

      1. Drunk driving is serious stuff, in my opinion there should be harsher penalties. Now I don’t know, and would like to know, what happened to the guy who killed your friend, but I wonder if drunk drivers who kill other people should be put to death, for it’s too much irresponsibility and there are lots of campaigns trying to educate people, so it’s not like the person doesn’t know what he’s doing, so perhaps capital punishment would be a deterrent to people.

          1. @dethbyplaster I see what you mean by lack of intent, and that should factor in, as alcohol makes inhibitions go away and can alter the mood, but still there’s the lack of responsibility thing, which should also factor in. Alcohol is a drug, so it’s used at your discretion, therefore you must know your limits, no that you don’t do harm to yourself, as you’re free to do that, but so that you don’t do to other people harm. Nevertheless, now I am puzzled to what extent each factor should be counted, it’s complicated and tricky like you said, although I tend to lean more towards the irresponsibility side, but again, it varies with each different case.

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  2. I wonder why there is not that much from the good old US on BG? Not that I mind seeing a bunch of apes dead, but I would like to see some more privileged Americans getting it as well.

    1. not our fault your 3rd world countries are ran by a scum cesspool of primitive ape dip shits lulz. come to america, ill splatter your brains all over the pavement with that nice american made .408 cheytac intervention. you wont be american, but ill extend the privilege of being dead on our soil.

    1. That’s the reason America is the way it is don’t you guys learn you gotta pick your own cotton you wouldn’t bring a bigger into your house so why bring emotion into your country. Don’t hate jus saying

  3. I gotta say. It doesn’t surprise me that some people are ignorant in the world. They weren’t all niggers. And Trinidad is in the west indies, not wisconsin. This paticular highway is a known place for severe accidents claiming multiple lives each year. I can personally tell you they weren’t drinking kool-aid because people don’t know what the fuck that is over there.

  4. Here in Oz which is a 95% white country with most if the remaining 5% being Asian, I can not even recall a time in my 35yo life where I heard of more than 1 person dying in a car accident. I believe the reason has a lot to do with seat belts. EVERYBODY wears seat belts here. Not wearing a seatbelt is as big a crime here as being a serial killer in America where all the S.killers seem to live. It looks to me that not even one person in this accident was wearing a seatbelt. Why do whites wear them and blacks don’t? Seems a bit stupid to me……..

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