Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Gdynia, Poland – Pole Slams Into Pole

Poles Rest in Not So Peace After Slamming Into Pole

Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Gdynia, Poland - Pole Slams Into Pole

I don’t have much backinfo, except that it happened in the city of Gdynia, Poland. The pics show the aftermath of a fatal road accident in which a car that must have been speeding slammed into a pole.

There seem to be at least three people dead. The accident presumably happened at night, and the responders showed up while it was still dark, but the pics show that they stayed until the dawn, yet nothing’s been done with the accident scene by then.

Props to Best Gore member @jagoremaster for the pics:

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148 thoughts on “Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Gdynia, Poland – Pole Slams Into Pole”

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  3. Its quite obvious when like Poles come together they tend to repel but this one ended up being quite an exception defeating good old rules of Physics .
    With the mangled bodies , turned to corpses strewn around looking small , that pole still seems to be standing proud and tall .

    Its the speed merchant of a driver (him included} is to blame but now its clear why every Pole hates an electrical pole .

  4. Poland, unlike most Third World shit holes, has investigation procedures in accidents like this. I went to a serious fatal once many years ago where the car and the bodies and the massive tree became one! It took hours to untangle the mangle and get the corpses out. In this case too, they’re dead, so what’s the hurry? And again, there probably had to be an investigation of some sort by police. They get a little testy when someone plays with their crime and accident scenes sometimes.

  5. The accident occurred around 5 a.m. Toyota hit the traffic lights between the lanes.
    At night the temperature reached zero and the road was extremely slippery -according to the local newspaper.

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