Aftermath of Fatal Car Crash in Birmingham City Centre – Six People Killed

Aftermath of Fatal Car Crash in Birmingham City Centre - Six People Killed

Six people are dead and one is in a critical condition after a fatal car crash in UK’s Birmingham city centre shortly after 1am on Sunday December 18, 2017. At least four vehicle were involved in the accident, but only passengers of two vehicles died. Passengers in other involved vehicles got away with non life threatening injuries.

Of the six fatalities, three men were ejected from their vehicle, and a couple along with a driver died in a seven seater cab that flipped on its side. Another man who was in the vehicle from which three passengers were fatally ejected is in critical condition, fighting for his life in a hospital.

The police are investigating whether speeding or adverse road conditions may have contributed to the crash.

Props to Best Gore member @masout92631043 for the video:

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      3. This is Birmingham they have alot of ties to immigrants. Alot of the North is like this its been neglected for years. I don’t really care what you say we don’t have this problem in the Southwest, And Wtf are you going on about the continental EU. Its a shit hole now atlest I live on a island and its easier to control are borders. Goodluck with yours NumNutts

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      4. I was thinking the same.
        However me must live in two “different ” europes if you say we are rid of them??
        I can defenitely say that
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  1. Yep, that’s England, everyone involved including the cameraman isn’t English.
    He was on the phone to his wife when he crashed and had just told her he’d be home soon. I’ve always said men are far too confident when making predictions.
    Incidentally he also killed the female passenger of another car and put the male driver in a critical condition in hospital. And all because he couldn’t wait to speak to his now ex wife.

    1. Not sure where you`re getting your information from, but just going on the little that has been released, you are wrong. The only mention of a phone has been that the taxi driver had spoken to his wife, telling he`d be home after his last job. So far there has been no indication he was on the phone at the time of the accident. The female passenger was in HIS taxi, not the other car (she was also white, British, as was her partner, who was also in the taxi, and also killed) The taxi driver was killed, along with three out of the four occupants of the other car.

  2. On the BBC 1 PM News, I had to laugh during the report on this story. Police had asked people who had filmed the crash scene not to post video of it on social media sites but to give them (the police) the footage instead. Yeah, right!

      1. And I call myself English because I refuse to be associated with them.

        Whenever I have to fill a form in and it asks for my nationality and there’s a box there to tick with British next to it, I always cross it out and write English. My nationality is English, not British.

        1. @Guest Me too, British means nothing really, there is a vast difference between being English as opposed to being Scottish, Welsh or Irish(Northern). If I remember correctly the city with the largest “ethnic” community is/was Leicester where the Asians overtook the whites some years ago and became the majority of the population, no doubt the same thing will happen in many other places in years to come.

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  3. That language sounds Scottish but even something beyond normal Scottish , it’s weird. Why can’t shit heads use a camera? it’s NOT that fucking hard. Theres nothing moving, it isn’t a fucking earthquake! I mean seriously.. Hold the fucking camera steady you dumb cunts..or at least right way up!

  4. 3 dead drug-dealing joy-riding mudslimes from the speeding car which caused the crash, also took out 1 of their own taxi drivers and 2 native Brits. You won’t often see this kind of footage from GB because only 3rd world people get their phones out and film this kind of event. Native Brits are happy to stand around watching, but filming it is seen as a bit indecent.

    1. Hang on there ! Not all of us Brits would just watch. I would swiftly bring out the camera and start filming.
      Those drug dealers and the ex-con driver deserve a Darwin award.
      I’m just a bit surprised that the BBC and other shit mongers haven’t tried to spin this into another terror attack.

  5. Was it because India was once owned by the Brits. So they allowed all that stinky ass paki’s and dirt from around the third world?
    So much for Great Britain, as long as no Real Brits got hurt,it should be fine.

  6. Anyway this was great, let’s hope there’s more of these muslim wipeouts on best gore, i really enjoy these and watch them and gloat over the pics of dead muslims. They’re almost as good as the ones of african women getting good beatings from their jealous husbands. What would we do without the african./paki/muslim freak show to entertain us in this world? Shit we don’t even have to kill them ourselves anymore.

  7. Person recording is British born Asian whose parents are from Mir Pur – Kashmir Pakistan. Vast majority of the British Pakistanis in the UK are from this region. For whatever reason Mir Puris call Police ‘maamay’ which means uncle (mother’s brother lol) its a nationwide thing. They also mention there being another accident behind ambulances/police cars as people didn’t get a chance to slam brakes

  8. It sounds to my un-degraded faculty of hearing like some unctuous Towel Heads were serendipitously taping this scene in a most slippery manner.
    And also was that not a Scouse/Arabic accent that mine Western ear hath alerted me to immediately from the videographer’s voice???

    Sorry. “arab peoples” cannot be trusted

  9. This was right up the road from me!! Living in edgbaston, birmingham, the ladywood carriageway crash shocked our community and its something we still havent really got over. Thankfully, apart from those injured, noone else was but my heart still goes out to the friends and family and victims of such a horrid accident. If i had seen it, id have helped and taped what i could so people could see the events and how to help if needed

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