Aftermath of Fatal Collision Between Car and Motorcycle in Asunción, Paraguay

Aftermath of Fatal Collision Between Car and Motorcycle in Asunción, Paraguay

According to the info I got, this video is from the city of Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. It shows the aftermath of a fatal collision between a car and a motorcycle.

In the video, both the car driver and the biker appear to be dead. The damage to the car’s body is quite significant, considering that it was presumably caused by the bike. The biker shattered his helmet, presumably causing fatal head trauma, and both legs.

Props to Best Gore member @GustavoAvalo for the video:

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41 thoughts on “Aftermath of Fatal Collision Between Car and Motorcycle in Asunción, Paraguay”

    1. Not only him, but everyone else (the ones that I can hear clear) are talking portuguese.

      Imagine how hard the collision was to destroy a car like this? Someone was doing 180-200 km/h

  1. The more that i see these Motorcycle Accidents, the more that i am happy that i got rid of mine, for something with 4 wheels instead! Be careful out there, my B-G Bike-Driving Siblings, as it would suck to see on of us one here.

    1. There’s a significant amount of cars in Brazil that still don’t have airbags. You would be surprised. Only for the last couple of years the cars have been coming out with air bags, and half the people in the small cities don’t have money to buy new cars. The result is what you see.

      Btw, air bags became obligatory only in 2014.


      1. Your comment just made me feel privileged and not in a good the point I thought it was mandatory since in the USA every production must have an airbag after April 1989…so, they are definitely behind

  2. This event did not occur in Asuncion. It happened in Santa Rita (Paraguay), border with Brazil. For this reason is that in the video is spoken in Portuguese and not in Spanish or Guarani… 😉

  3. i’m curious as to if one day they will plaster pictures of dead bike riders on motorcycles so as to deter people of all nations from riding motorized two wheeled vehicles … ’bout time for a cigarette i’d say

  4. There are a couple of dudes next block from where I live and they are too into racing and shit like that. Every other when they pass by super fast revving rheir bikes, I would say good 12k rpms half the times they’re not even wearing their helmets and the other half of one half they’re just showing off their skills, doing wheelies and shit like that….

    1. My old next door neighbour was into his crotch Rockets… Went out riding on a piece of road called the snake pass it runs between Manchester and Sheffield in the UK.. Great stretch of road. He never came home.. He was going to fast and missed a bend flew right of a cliff. He was only 29 married two small kids.

  5. 1:08 Oh look, a quarter!

    Damn, I almost didn’t recognize the main body of the bike as BEING the main body of the bike, I though it was the car’s engine for a second. That is beyond brutal!

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