Aftermath of Fatal Crash Involving Three Sport Bikes

Aftermath of Fatal Crash Involving Three Sport Bikes

A fatal crash involving three sport bikes occurred on a road in Brazil. The aftermath video appears to show two dead bikers, one flat on the road, and the other slouched over a bike.

There is one more biker who landed a little further away from the other two. He may still be alive, as a group of people appear to tend to him.

It looks like the crash happened on a bit of a bend. My guess is a pair of motorcyclists was traveling from the right at an excessive rate of speed, one of them (Captain America one, perhaps?) overshot the bend and collided with an oncoming motorcyclist. The two that collided died. The other one got caught in a secondary crash and got beat up, but not comparably to running into someone head on.

Another angle video of the same accident:

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    1. Is it just me or I’m weird but Im going out on a limb herev=D pun intended but I find it amazing whenever a person takes its last moment’s and then they die and this is why I fear cycles Fucks that but same thing with vehicles this site makes me fear going outside for a fuckin bird turd might kill me at the right angle anyway =D Jews did it

        1. Actually blood wouldn’t flow so widely, there’s no limbs torn off so I’m guessing most of their injuries are internal here. But the colour is no way deep enough for blood. Too watery, too brown, so brake fluid/oil/hydraulic fluid. Just my thoughts. *derrrp*…

          1. I’m looking at the middle yellow lines gets pretty thick looking there “might be Oil” but it doesn’t mean there’s no blood in that mix

  1. There should be a button next to the throttle on bikes that, when pressed, fires an ejection seat that fires the rider into the air. At this point, a protective inflated bubble encapsulates the rider, saving them from certain doom. But in the interests of keeping material for bestgore, it won’t be available in Brazil.

    1. I think they actually have an airbag jacket now if I am not mistaken but I hear ya man an ejection seat plus a tiny parachute would be superb for a situation like this…..atleast they were wearing proper riding attire. Which only means they were full speed ahead when they crashed into each other and probably died on impact I pray.

  2. Definitely had to be a head on crash of the two bikes. The riders wore the proper safety gear but nothing could have saved their lives here. Just an unfortunate accident on what would otherwise been a great day for a ride.

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    2. @vulva eater – It kind of does look like some sort of motorcycle club. We don’t usually see that many well protected men riding those kind of bikes in such a large group (in Brazil), do we? This year our area saw the largest annual motorcycle rally it’s ever had for the 75th anniversary – estimates of around one million. The week before the rally a huge number of Latin American bikers came from many countries and stayed for 2 weeks. Believe it or not, they were far better behaved and friendly than our usual tourists from the US and many other countries that stay throughout the summer.

  3. I want to go to Brazil. I’ll put bup a small chair and sit under a tree by a busy road. Sit back and just wait for an accident. If I have to wait too long I might have to do some sabotaging. But I’ll be sipping some tea eating some beef jerky…..waiting. Then I’ll go to cacasou or whatever that fuck tard town is called and rent a room with a window over looking the streets…..and I’ll wait.

    1. @trainwreck
      Even in your wildest dreams don’t you ever go thinking of being there .Don’t you wait for accidents to happen
      rather how about some romance happening now in your life .
      I wouldn’t want you waiting, watching and turning a wreck in a country which has ” curse of chucky” on it . …
      that chucky is On the roads at the malls by the streets you name it ; its everywhere..

    2. If you get a chance to visit the USA or if you already live there. They have over 30 thousand traffic deaths yearly. I’m sure you will get gore if you’re at the right place, at right time. Physics don’t discriminate. Just because you’ve never come across it. It doesn’t mean bodies don’t get mangled in every country.

      1. @elmaspison
        I wouldn’t say and I am not in denail of their happening all over the world but what’s it about Brazil which for the wrong reason is much in the news always . It must be some curse cause a country in south America which is so popular a holiday destination is toured more by gore . May be the laws are flawed often or the ones who go breaking them do it and dare the police which seems unable to thwart all the lawlesness happening or breaking lose.
        There seems to be no self control and the citizenry doesn’t seem to respect lives much .
        One is safe when the laws to the fullest are abided

      2. Brasil isn’t in the news. Specially when it comes to car accidents. The videos we watch here are from cell phone users to share with their friends. Last time I checked the USA or canada had a law against killing. That doesn’t stop people from killing each other.
        Once again Just because you don’t have video posted on this site. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Most of latin America doesn’t have the death penalty due to some amnesty laws. And Usa companies owning jails in most of America. Crime is a business just like war is money printing machine for the USA. The weapons come from the USA. That’s the root of the problem.

        1. Yes, unfortunately since allowing so many jew controllers into the US, our government has been more interested in shit like prisons, guns/gun control, instigating wars, drug wars, brainwashing citizens, police brutality, etc. I guess they must have gotten bored & decided sticking their noses in everyone’s business was more fun and profitable. Or maybe all that activity is just a diversion… Shame on our US government for sucking up to israel & it’s jews. Up until 50-60 years ago we weren’t the main instigators of wars and a lot of that other bullshittery, but a lot changed after WW2 😐

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