Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Accident – Pelvis Ripped Apart, Entrails Spread On Road

Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Accident - Pelvis Ripped Apart, Entrails Spread On Road

Video from Brazil depicts the aftermath of a fatal motorcycle accident. Both people riding the motorcycle died. Both wore safety helmets, but the force of the impact was too great for helmets to offer reasonable protection. Those helmets also do not look to have been of decent quality. Both ended up cracked, one completely split apart. However, not even quality helmets would have saved these two – I don’t think.

At around 1:46, you can see their motorcycle landed next to a semi trailer. I would venture to guess that they rear ended the stopped truck, and as the motorcycle went under it, their bodies slammed square into it.

One of the bikers ended up with pelvis ripped apart and entrails spread on the road, while the other earned himself a cracked skull and is seen oozing blood and brain matter onto the road from his face.

Oddly, neither wore flip flops. Three out of four shoes departed the owner’s feet, and so did one sock.

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  1. If you look carefuly, the guy doing the killer split is doing a pointer… 😆 Hell just by looking at him i wonder if they will eventually make the use of protective jockstraps mandatory along with the helmet while driving motorcycles…

    According to what one of the guys said in the video, one of them was still moving… but i didnt saw anything. o.O

    1. wahaha
      I won this time!
      Just answer:

      #1 You are in a race and advance the 2nd guy. Which position you gain?

      #1 You are in a race and advance the 1st guy. Which position you gain?

      #1 You are in a race and advance the last guy. Which position you gain?

  2. I read there was like 50 thousand deaths as a result of road accidents and something like 200 thousand injured in Brazil every year. Yup, if you wanna die or get crippled, go to da Silva land. If a truck doesn’t hit you, a bullet will.

    1. Usa the best nation in the world had over 35 thousand deaths and over 2 million automobile injuries yearly. Go figure.
      If you hate brasil so much. Grow some big balls. Learn to use a uzi, a tank and how to enrich uranium so you can bomb whatever you want. You don’t even live there and your hating brasil passion is greater then that of trying to make it better by any means necessary.

      1. But it’s so manly to armchair hate-on what you don’t know first hand. It makes one appear totally sophisticated and cultured like a Petri dish, like a Yakuza enforcer doing a good Cossack dance imitation while smoking a plastic Sadhu chillum. 🙂

          1. then be thankful, because you are here because you like gore stuff.

            And yeah there are bunch of murders in Brasil and that is because we don’t take crap from anyone. the rest is a bunch of accidents.

            And by the way my name has da Silva in it (maybe i will appear here someday 🙂 and my cousin’s full names is Allyne da Silva Santos (lucky girl 🙂 )

      2. I do believe that you really cant compare the usa with brazil. The usa is further advanced than brazil in respect to the infra structure.

        Brazil is a vast country comprising of many built up areas and cities that are over populated by the people we see on a daily basis in the videos and photos on these very pages.

        The best gore in the world is coming from brazil and thailand, even the isis shit is nothing compared to what comes out of those two countries. If i see…….brazil or thailand in the title, i know by viewing the page i am going to be in for a treat.and every day it is something different, even if it is the same topic, ie….car crash. by comparison if i see isis in the heading i know im going to see a video of some nancy boy pansies playing rambo .

        brazil recently hosted the fifa world cup and the biggest topic of conversation before during and after was about what a shit hole brazil is……..its that obvious and news worthy.

        so basically brazil is a shit hole……..and so is thailand.

        but instead of ranting and raving like a ranty ravey thing….why dont you do something about it? why dont you get yourself an education and try to make a difference?

        the best way to fix countries like brazil is to exterminate the entire population and start again…….its the peole who inhabit a country that make that country..and the way of life within is whatthe population makes for itself……….so if you wanna live in a shit hole………go ahead….make one.

        your a fuckin degenerate ignorant pillock.

        1. Have you ever been to brasil? Have you driven in brasil? Have you seen it’s infrastructure? Brasilia down town? Rio de Janeiro copa cabana has some of the most expensive real state in the world. Brasil has the best party in the world carnaval. And just because you’re a fucken prune and a fucken ignorant twat, doesn’t mean you’re right.
          And don’t worry. We will exterminate people like you. We seem to be the only ones that don’t take shit and get the job done. Call us violent by nature. But at the end of the day. You’re the one crying over fucken borders that have nothing to do with you. You can bitch about Europe all you want. But america is ours and of will burn it down if we have to. And have a fucken carnival in the middle of it.

          1. ahahahahhahah voc?s brazukas al?m de malucos s?o comediantes tamb?m. O Brasil tem alguma tecnologia sim, mas a mis?ria sobrep?em-se estrondosamente ? mesma. O vosso pa?s ? um caos governado por comunistas que s? visam destruir a vossa sociedade, e n?o h? nada que voc?s possam fazer para alterar isso :))

          2. The whole world is controlled by powers that are almost unreachable. But the whole point of my first comment was that there is just as many accidents in a country that retards that don’t live in and it’s own people consider the best at everything.
            So what does desmodronic think? that when people crash in the USA the bodies suffer no trauma? That they suffer no agony till the ambulance gets there? Just because of infrastructure? Just because people don’t record it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. When we have gore from the USA too . It goes to show you how ignorant some retards are. When the stats don’t lie. Or is this fucken idiot gonna say that kikes control who keeps track of accidents too?

          3. And I’m not from brasil, never said brasil is the best. they are their own people, some are diferente then other south Americans. I am aware of the politics we have, if you want to call them that in Latin America. But again. That doesn’t define how many accidents we see on the Internet.

  3. Why isn’t anyone helping this man? He wore a helmet. And most here think helmets save lives. So quick, get a curtain, close his legs, wrap him like a taco and drive him to the hospital. Stop being so third world brasil!

      1. Alexia. Baby. I was being sarcastic. I am part of the third world 🙂
        But almost everyone on bestgore assumes that a helmet cancels out momentum and that it will save you. Even if your ass Crack is split all the way up to your neck

  4. Indifference. that is what we see in this vid. oh those dudes got really fucked up. let me continue driving on by and continue with my day or better yet i’ll whip out my phone so i can show my buds how fucked up they really got. TOO BAD FOR THEM.

  5. The word ‘destroyed’ comes to mind. Where were the police? Even in America, non-fatal accidents shut down the highway for hours. Just think of the next Olympics, in that area.

  6. Things to do today…
    1) Block traffic on the highway by giving birth to my intestines.?
    2) “Moon” traffic on a busy thoroughfare .?
    3) Stretch my asshole to the size of a fence post.?
    4) Stop for milk on the way home.

  7. Best gore:
    33% Brazil and central/south America
    25% Thailand and far east
    22% Syria and Iraq
    15% East Europe, North America, Canada, mostly police brutality
    5% other places I’m too tired to put on the list…

    I don’t even watch news anymore, if something it’s not on Bestgore then it’s not so important if not at all. Oh yeah, and of course the fact that from certain places comes the biggest amount of gore stuff, doesn’t mean that those places are total crap and so on… Graphic stuff is pure reality but often is what we’re not able to see that we should be worried about, and of course BG also focuses on that point

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