Aftermath of Fatal Plane Crash in South Florida

Aftermath of Fatal Plane Crash in South Florida

Aftermath of Fatal Plane Crash in South Florida

Best Gore member @luvdemvids just sent in this video, saying it shows the aftermath of a plane crash in South Florida which just happened earlier today (August 28, 2020).

That’s all I have for backinfo at this time. Looks like the plane nosedived from the sky, scratched a side of a building, and slammed into the pavement. A torn in half corpse can be seen by the wreck. Among some Spanish talk, the cameraguy implies in English that four people onboard all died, but only counts two.

Many thanks for the video, @luvdemvids:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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107 thoughts on “Aftermath of Fatal Plane Crash in South Florida”

          1. @firstinline didn’t see much, or really any parts of the fuselage painted red – think it was almost completely white. Have you ever flown in a small plane like that? They are built very light, and hence very thin, so there just isn’t all that much between say a pilot’s head and some concrete stucco barreling towards it at a couple hundred miles per hour. Single pane of glass, half an inch of aircraft aluminum – it’s all that’s keeping you from going full sloppy joe.

  1. When I see such videos I think to myself how can humans ever be arrogant and haughty. That they walk around with shit inside them and they can easily be sliced up like that in a second and be gone. Always be grateful for your blessings and be humble. Let’s bare In mind we came out of male and female genitals

    1. well, we are all fragile , mortal and carry shit inside and , but very few of us can paint a Mona Lisa , sculpt a statue like the David by Michelangelo, write a book like The Principia by Isaac Newton, come up with theories like Einteins relativity or discover the DNA structure like Watson and Crick. So, what sets human individuals apart one from the other is their brain power, not their digestive systems.

      1. With that reply of yours we can clearly see the level of weakness in your “brain power”. My comment wasn’t saying we are nothing but flesh and bones with a digestive system. We are far more complex with intellect far greater than that of animals. The point I was making was for us to constantly remember our weak state and never become arrogant and haughty. A man may be very intellectually conscious but just as that video shows it only takes a split second to be split in half, have your brain squashed and you’re dead. The humble intelligent one is truly the one with a high “brain power”

  2. I Counted like 5 brain halves in the last 20 seconds or so of the video. They all have their long bloody smear 20 feet long, lol, as always. But at least they did not suffer, as face first on concrete plants are Simply Not,,, Walk-it-off-able,,, ya know? 😉

      1. @Dr.Truth
        Cool,,, that you counted the same thing, that means that at 55 i still have decent eyesight, lol.
        Yea,,, no,,, lol, lol. And your right as They are Not walking that off, anytime soon, ha, ha! 🙂

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    1. @muumbela – there’s a major descriptor missing from your statement. It is ‘commercial’ as in ‘commercial aviation is the safest mode of transport’. When you are flying with a commercial airline there are major differences. You have two pilots, hundreds of very skilled and specialised maintenance personnel, massive amounts of money to immediately repair every lil issue as well as a whole corporation ensuring crew is experienced and trained and have had sufficient downtime etc. A private plane like this has none of those things………

  5. Although I’m considered a high time turbo prop pilot, I learn every fukkn day the dumbass mistakes other pilots make on a regular basis. I never try to get complacent about what I do. This sort of shit makes me NOT get complacent and careless. These guys fukked up. No doubt about it

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