Aftermath of Fatal Tourist Bus Crash on Madeira Island, Portugal

Crushed Body on the Rock

Aftermath of Fatal Tourist Bus Crash on Madeira Island, Portugal

29 people, most of them tourists from Germany, died after a bus overturned when it veered off the road on the island of Madeira, Portugal. Additional 27 people were injured. The Portuguese driver and guide both reportedly survived the crash. The death count may not yet be final.

The cause of the accident is unknown. Portuguese police are said to be investigating. One of the dead was a local who was walking on the road just bellow when the bus overturned and crushed him to death.

The incident happened on April 17, 2019. A survivor told a local reporter that the driver tried to stop the bus by “kissing” the side walls of the hotel Quinta Splendida due to an apparent brakes failure. He failed so the bus turned over on the curve, fell rolling 360 and finally stopped on the roof of a house below.

Props to Best Gore members @kako95 and @trevorek7 for the pics of the aftermath:

Best Gore member @trevorek7 also provided the CCTV video that caught a glimpse of the bus crashing off the cliff:

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  1. This accident happened just 3 minutes away from my current place. It’s beleived that the driver lost control over the bus due to alleged breaks failure and tried to stop on the side walls, but eventually fell.

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    If you are seated next to an emergency exit, please read carefully the special instructions card located by your seat. If you do not wish to perform the functions described in the event of an emergency, please ask someone who gives a shit to reseat you.

    1. You’re trying to legislate common sense. Fuck that. These idiots should have gone to Sochi, and during the normal time to have a holiday. Everyone wants to spend big money to see something stupid – well, there they are!

  5. The insurance company is trying to wash their hand by claiming none of them were wearing seat belts. I’ve personally never been on a single bus that had seat belts. Also, let’s be honest. They literally got crushed under the bus, what good would a seat belt be? I guess the cleanup would be easier.
    Also, Portugal being Portugal, everyone is trying to get their handful of profit. Some guy flew a drone over the crash, he’s getting his soul sued out of him for unauthorized flight.
    @African Angel, this isn’t mainland Portugal, it’s a small island of the coast of morroco, I can assure you there are no Snackbars here. Only a handful of nignogs

    1. @kako95
      fuckin insurance companys.
      I [like you] have never been on a bus or coach with seatbelts.
      Driver took the downhill corner too fast.

      So, a question for any vehicle engineering types please…. Are [any] coaches or buses fitted with the similar kind of retarder “brakes” that articulated trucks/rigs are fitted with?

    2. *They literally got crushed under the bus, what good would a seat belt be?*

      It’s a statistical fact, that people wearing seatbelts, are several times more likely to survive, as opposed to ones who are not.

      Once you’re thrown from the vehicle, you become a projectile. You could hit a tree, another vehicle or anything else in your way. If you’re wearing a seatbelt, you’re more likely to stay inside the vehicle, where you are protected by the steel around you.

      If you hit a tree let’s say, while inside your vehicle, the energy displaced, will be throughout the vehicle. As opposed to being displaced through you. This may keep you looking recognizable, until help arrives.

      My sister hit a ditch at a very high rate of speed, several years ago. The car flipped up in the air, and snapped a telephone pole in half…

      20 feet up in the air!

      The car was unrecognizable. However she was, because she was wearing a seatbelt.

      It’s the equivalent of wearing a helmet on a motorcycle. If your head hits anything, even at a low rate of speed without a helmet, the energy displaced from the impact, can open your skull right up. However wearing a helmet, the energy is displaced throughout the helmet, keeping one’s skull intact. (or better chances thereof)

      Wear your seatbelt, if you’re not already!

  6. Seems like this one just popped right out of ,”Ripley’s Believe it or not” episodes . Strange but true as the author mentions about only the driver and the guide of Portuguese descent surviving .

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  7. … One German surviver gave a harrowing account of the accident…

    ….. “Evrysing vas goin smoothly, undtil vee got to zee first bend… Und zen, it sounded like vee HITLER’d somsing und the bus started rolling over zee cliff…. V-2 were also rolling inside zee bus, MANNHEIM tellin ya… Vee vas GÖERHING, RÖNN, RÖNN, BARBI, RÖNN, RÖNN, like THIRD REICHord, BARBI, RÖNN, RÖNN, RÖNN, RÖNN !… I didn’t know if I vas going to be DEAD or ALIVE…!

    … Which prompted another (German) survivor to pull out a flask of spirits and exclaim ..

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  8. My mom’s from this island, I’ve been to Madeira quite a few times, and its not the first time things like this happen. Usually its cars and not buses that go downhill, so it goes unreported, even if there are fatalities. Madeira has a very steep mountainous terrain, it rains often, there are landslides and the roads are frankly narrow and on cliff edges. People (that includes tourists) should know the risk it conveys; the views are amazing but its dangerous nonetheless.

    From what I’ve read, the accelerator got stuck, so he lost control when steering. Still a lot of theories circulating but buses, even touristic ones, have seatbelts (its mandatory here), and most of those Germans weren’t using them. The ones that were, survived (the ones who weren’t were projected). Seatbelts may not guarantee you a 100% survival rate, but they sure do increase it.

    1. I lived in Dominica until the Hurricane, and it’s also this mountainous and rainy. It’s the steepest island in the Caribbean, one that was the last to be colonized, because Columbus, and virtually every ship captain who came after him, turned right around after they saw the island – right off the sea it goes steep up. It’s said that Dominica would be the only island Columbus would still recognize, because it’s so steep, it’s only recently that any kind of development has begun. It’s also the wettest island in the Caribbean, with 365 rivers – one for every day of the year. There are islands in the Caribbean that don’t have a single river, yet Dominica is replete with them, despite being small, because it just rains there so much. So I know what it’s like on an island like that. If your vehicle fails in any capacity on any road, you’re as good as dead, because there are no straight roads, it’s all sharp bends on steep roads with endless drop-offs.

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