Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident in Las Vegas – People Ripped in Half

Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident in Las Vegas - People Ripped in Half

This apparently happened in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on December 14, 2017. The cameraman has a mental capacity of more than a 2 year old, and his vocabulary exceeds 3 words. Been a while since we’ve seen an American that advanced.

I don’t know the backinfo. The video shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. There is pretty good, almost Indonesia grade carnage on the road, including people ripped in half.

Props to Best Gore member @MrFourTwenty for the video:

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    1. It not the populace it’s the government. The government is aware the populace are just blind sycophantic consumers. They have ultimatums in place where the populace have no other choice but to accept the infrastructure that is in place. To keep their simple minds occupied while they plot and scheme.

    2. Or maybe he is just trying to get some good footage because when situation like act happen they’re all in the same boat. All spectators trying to present themselves as if they have a heart.

      1. That mf was tryna to get in those pants for wallets and purses. He wasn’t upset about that shit , he was searching for items to steal. Ppl just driving by like it’s all good. That chick in the blk pants at the end is hot!!!

    1. this is because we have ” mirror neurons ” in our brains, and when we observe others doing or going through something, these neurons fire so we feel like we are doing or going through it ourselves. When these people actually do experience real life events that are similar, it doesn’t feel like it’s their first time.

    1. Having survived a one-car sidewalk crash in 1995 by an unlicensed driver by diving into a business doorway, I don’t quite have that warm and fuzzy feeling that license revocation would have made a fucking bit of difference. But that’s just the 67 year old citizen in me.

  1. Gotta love that L.A style of talking
    No matter what is said here.
    What else are you going to say when you see something as Crazy as this.
    Oh my gawd…..jesus christ…dayum that’s crazy….
    Come to mind and it would be basic.
    Although it comes of a bit douchy.
    A guy cut in half…i’m not going to talk about my bitcoin projections and shit.

  2. He does not sound like he is American. In the tourist capital of The World (Central Florida) and in melting pot Florida in general, I hear all these accents all day long and they are never from this country.

  3. According to the news, a drunk driver hit them while they were walking. His family and boss said, that he suffers from epilepsy and had a seizure. But he was arrested for being over the legal limit. The two ladies were mother and daughter. Not sure about the guy, they were all in the crosswalk.

    1. If the driver is epileptic Why is he driving ?? Anyone who has Epilepsy are not permitted to drive period for this exact purpose That being said he was also Drunk killed 3 people his life is finished and whoever gave the driver an DL should be held responsible as well oh well that is America for you in Vegas anything goes…..

    1. I saw my first fatal crash when I was not quite four years old. Some old guy across the street in a Cadillac rear ending a truck at a stop sign in Kenmore, NY. I remember a crunch without any tire screech, the logo, the head against the steering wheel. It was some time after lunch on a Saturday in the summer of 1954.

      Of course I couldn’t understand the gravity of the situation at the time, but jeez, I remember… like a noise and a faded image.

  4. One minute you are walking down the street doing burrito farts from that super sized burrito meal with a jumbo coke and the next minute you are cut in half on the road because someone chose to get buckled and you are wondering what the fuck happened? I wonder if this shit happens on other alien planets, do aliens drink and fly?

  5. Fuck the USA – what a shit hole. Honestly, who in their right mind would plan to and pay to be completely robbed by some rich zillionaire casino owner arsehole, and then swelter in the desert heat looking at fake replicas of other places on the planet that actually are civilised and posses an advanced culture. Then you go home, broke as fuck to an even uglier and worse urban shithole that is almost fully decayed with porch monkees hanging out in packs of a dozen or more and full of gangs that dress in blue, are very well resourced and are completely unopposed and cold bloodedly murder innocents in hell holes named ‘Jerky’ or ‘The Pitts (berg)’ ‘Alba Turkey’ or ‘Zoo fuckin york’ ,with all the uncivilised animals running around free as birds shooting guns off because they think that makes them real men. And just to make it all absolutely completely totally unbelievably ridiculous, they call everyone the terrorist and have a fucking joke, Donald Lump leading the way…..
    Thank God, I will never experience it personally. Just hearing and seeing their miserable existence on their TV shows is already way way too much……..

  6. This is what the end of the world/civilisation will look like. Bits of bodies everywhere and negroes wandering around picking over the bones.

    Also, can’t believe that no one had a blanket on them. Who leaves home without a blanket?

  7. Just reconfirms what I’ve always said about that supposed glorious city. That I’d rather stab myself in the dirt box with a red hot poker than go anywhere near the place.
    I just can not fathom why anyone with half a brain, would wilfully, via much expense, place themselves in such tawdry surroundings.
    Crash or no crash, Las Vegas has about as much class as a cold chip. Confirmed by the camera man.

  8. It’s a shame he stopped filming because i would have liked to see how the first responders dealt with the situation but then he’d have got deported….which might not be a bad thing. That said i see no point in america deporting criminals as america is a country full of criminals anyway.

  9. Golly-gee, that really is a tragedy! I hope I leave a bit more of a mess when it’s me. I’ll want everyone to stop, take out their phones, click-click-click-away! They’ll all admire my attire! I’ll strike-A-pose baby, strike-A-fucking pose!

    1. If you pay attention to the accent ya slimey limey you’d understand this fool likely wasn’t even born here. So what about you twats, “bloody” this and “bloody” that? Bloody well annoying cuntery if you ask me. Loo, lorry, bin truck, not to mention the fact that you cunts still adore a long defunct fucking royal family with little meaning any more beyond fairy tales. Go stuff your head in a loo and flush.

  10. Why are people judged on class if every thing goes tits up will your higher education and the ability to string a sentence together enabled you to survive in an armageddon free for all I’m not so sure ……… the camera man will have no problems surviving a lawless society if indeed it came to doing so will you??

    A man suspected of hitting multiple vehicles and killing three pedestrians near Flamingo Road and Eastern Avenue on Dec. 13 said he takes medication for seizures and used marijuana before the crash, according to an arrest report.

  12. The dude is obviously from a Spanish-speaking country. At least he learned English, I’ve met plenty of stupid slovaks that don’t bother learning English and the only reason they are in America is to send money back the shithole called Bratislava . Slovakia is a country filled with sedlaks..

  13. Come on now, you can’t generalize about all Americans! People who go to Vegas are the mouth breathers among us so please refrain from lumping us all together! Casinos, Vegas, Disney World, auto races, black movies and reality television are consumed like life sustaining food here and it is disheartening but there still manages to be a slim majority here who are educated, have common sense and who are genuinely concerned for the survival of this once great nation!

    But alas, it isn’t much better in Europe. You’re overrun by ragheads and as many filthy immigrants as we are in the U.S. and your way of life is equally threatened, if not more so.

    Brown people are on the march and they are obviously seeking to take over the planet. The one important factor that they are overlooking in their onslaught is that they produce nothing. Everything they touch everywhere they destroy. Their cultures are subhuman. It’s all in plain view. Every neighborhood, every city, every school, every institution, every system they get into they destroy. When they take over there will be no one producing. There won’t be anyone to support them. There will only be violence and poverty and competition for what little remains. We are devolving and I venture to say in less than 100 years this entire planet is going to be like Somalia.

    It was a good run! The beauty of this planet is lost on these unwashed masses. There will be more than enough daily fodder for Best Gore but will Best Gore be here to purvey it?

  14. Indonesian grade Carnage, with Indonesian quality filming, plus a typical North American she-boon walking by doing the whole “awe shee-it, theys a cam-rah, looks at me, looks at me” thing in the beginning. Welcome to the United States, everybody…..

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