Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident in Ukraine

Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident in Ukraine

At 1:45 one of the witnesses tries to beat a Lada driver with face covered in blood but is asked by the camera guy to not do it. Voices can be heard addressing the driver with: “motherfucker, you’re going to jail; you killed people…” which pretty much means that he is the one who caused the accident. It also pretty much confirms that the accident was fatal.

Makes you wonder if he was driving impaired cause that’s the unfairness of drunk driving – the drunk who causes the death of innocent people often survives.

The video is from Ukraine. Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video and translation:

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19 thoughts on “Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident in Ukraine”

  1. the cameraman asks the kicking guy not to beat the driver and then himself calls the driver a dumbass, it’s the camera guy that says he killed people…plus it looks like they were gonna pull the dead guy out, you can here that at the end of the video

  2. The co-driver looks creepy, but the old chick from Ukraine is like Russia : vast, with undefined frontier and the cold climate puts off any potential visitors.

    Thanky thank Pnn69, err what does Pnn mean? Passive, Numb, and Neutered? 😉

  3. It’s very true, that the drunks survive! A few miles away from my house, a drunken meth addict, drive right through the parking lot and into a bar. He killed 3 people and paralyzed 2. He lived without a scratch. He had the audacity to write a letter and have it published in the newspaper, begging people to understand that he wa only drinking because his gf left him. Uh!….she left him because he had been spending all if their savings on drugs ad was drunk 24/7, couldn’t keep a job, etc.! Of course he failed to see, that he pushed her to leave! I give her props! He expected people to feel bad for him. Someone should drive drunk through his living room and wipe out people he loves. Although drug addicts only love themselves.

    This is sad. Tragic moments caught on tape! This way the accident never ends, per say!

    @disguy: when I scroll down the whole post will stay put for about two seconds, then it scrolls up about 5 posts! Every time! So I had to learn where to scroll to, so when it shifts, ill end up where I want to be. Is this what you mean by vids chasing you? Lol. Speaking of related videos, I can not get over that woman who’s body got stuffed under that car, it folded her I half! Yikes!.

        1. We have often illegal races on some sneaky and dangerous tracks here in my town, they drive all kinds of cars from all over the world. Unfortunately they use just a few muscle cars, mostly there are Japanese, German and Italian creations. The cops have their fun though, not.

          1. I will soon have a mustang, of my own!!! Not too sure if they all died here though? The passenger looks to be moving when first viewed. Or was that the driver moving them?

  4. I don’t drink and drive. Not just because of the safety of others on the road, but because when I booze it up…I want as few buzzkills as possible!!! Being out on the road is full of buzzkills… I don’t want to turn them into straight up KILLS just because I want to be out of tune with reality for a little while. More drunk ass fuckfaces should think like me about this.

  5. Are all Russian cars deathtraps? Do they not have impact protection standards? Seems as though every time I see a crash from over there the cars either fold or disintegrate. Maybe it might be good to use more than aluminum foil to build your cars, Russia.

    1. Russian cars are crap (trucks are good), I must admit. So most people prefer foreign cars. Russian cars are just cheap. I personally prefer German cars – the best fuckin cars in the world. I have a Mercedes C220, 1994, coming from US market. I’ve spent some money for maintanance/new tires etc., and I’m happy with it. I’m hankering after Q7, but I dont have money now at all. Just dreaming.

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