Finders Isn’t Keepers – India

Aftermath - Finders Isn't Keepers

Aftermath - Finders Isn't Keepers

In India, a mangled body of a man lies in front of a large tourist bus. The force of impact with the man shatters the windshield. The smear on the road in the form of a bloody skid mark, makes this accident scene an unsolved chain of events mystery. A man walking up to the aftermath finds the body of the victim. He is instructed to keep the body on the road and to leave, cause finders are not keepers in India.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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  1. This scene needs Tyrone the retarded New York news anchor.
    Tyrone here in Shit Pile India or some shit…I don’t know. Some motha fucka jumped in front of a goddamn bus mayn.
    “Daaaaamn, wut da fuck is wrong wit’chew bro?”

  2. The fucker picking at the bones found it slim Pickens, then the bugger gets run off! That’s what you call ‘breaking your rice bowl’. Looks like vegetarian curry tonight. The Mrs. Is not going to be happy!

      1. @Dil Doe By the look of it, the driver hit the brakes after the guy was already under the tire smearing his innards along the road. Afterwards, the driver tried to back off the body and it just pealed off the wheel and flopped on the ground. another typical day in India.

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    Someone fuck the site up?

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