Aftermath of Head-on Collision Between Motorcycles in Cape Town, South Africa

Severed Head on South African Road

Aftermath of Head-on Collision Between Motorcycles in Cape Town, South Africa

The pics alleged to show the aftermath of a high-speed head-on collision between two motorbikes. It crash happened in Cape Town, South Africa.

Best Gore member @kiimswiiss adds:

I have no idea how the fuck two bikes could collide head-on. All three of them died. Woman’s head got ripped off.

Many thanks for the pics, @kiimswiiss:

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46 thoughts on “Aftermath of Head-on Collision Between Motorcycles in Cape Town, South Africa”

    1. It’s possible that what we’re seeing in the pics isn’t the full story. By that, I mean the pictures we see don’t necessarily tell the whole story. For example, as to how two motorcycles could collide head-on, possibly the collision in this case happened at night. Perhaps one or both didn’t have headlights. Perhaps the was an at-night accident, and these pix were taken at dawn

      1. How they have a head on collision is this.
        Every Sunday many bikers go to the whindy mountain passes
        and do there breakfast run. As you can see all the bikers that
        gathered at the scene. Definitely a Sunday morning.
        Cape Town has some really great mountain passes perfect
        for going fast with your bike.
        My guess is they were riding to fast and couldn’t avoid each other,
        maybe one had a tank slapper(because its a straight road) and
        crossed the middle line and hit the other dude. probably both
        travelling at least 200-250 km/h.

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