Aftermath of Motorcycle Accident with Compound Fracture of Lower Leg

Aftermath of Motorcycle Accident with Compound Fracture of Lower Leg

In San Lorenzo, Paraguay, a motorcyclist messed up while handling his bike and hit something with his right leg. As a result, his tibia was shattered and a stump of it is visible through a large tear. The fibula (smaller bone in the back of his lower legs) is not readily visible, but looks like it was broken too.

This is one nasty compound fracture. I wonder to what extent the doctors were able to fix him up.

Props to Best Gore member @BenjaminLuckyTroubleMaker for the video:

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    1. @ewe, do you think it may be possible to lose said legend status, if he were to stand up with some assistance and hobble to the kurb, that he tries to negotiate but then stubs his big toe ( on the same side as the cut on his foot) on the concrete, and breaks down into an inconsolable invalid pensioner?

  1. its funny that most of time an biker have an accident, its appear to be most on the legs.
    is that because the legs bones are most fragile than others ? or maybe becaue its not very protected ?
    some biker here can answer please ? i always ask myself why its always the legs (well, not always, but most of time)

        1. @holly

          Most blokes prefer fmf should this unlikely event eventuate in their life, but mmf provides excellent pornographic images to discreetly smuggle to the shitter, should there be a female ( who is way to ugly to approve of porn) in your house at the time. What is mmh? Not familiar with that sex term matey……

  2. A shot of morphine might help relieve the pain he’s feeling, but a tightly wrapped shoe string around the knee cap works just as effectively. I’ve seen this procedure used on football players right after they’ve mangled their fibula and tibia, and they have been able to continue playing without any side effects. Thirty minutes after the accident, the guy was able to get up and walk it off. He even pushed his bike to the nearest gas station, a mile down the road, cause he had run out of gas.

    1. @DeVillz

      “If those nerves, tissues, ligaments etc can be repaired……”

      That’s the thing my friend, we are not yet familiar with the technology that repairs nerves, tissues, ligaments etc – that still does not get invented for another 109 years ( 2126) by none other than my great great great great grand – son (Dutchy Jnr)………

  3. These types of injuries continually give me the Come on Eileen earworm. This will usually last for roughly four to six hours… until the next round of tinnitus removes it (insert high C minor here). 🙁

    What, you can’t hear that? mmmmm…

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