Aftermath of Motorcycle Accident – Guy Loses Arm and Part of Lower Leg

Aftermath of Motorcycle Accident - Guy Loses Arm and Part of Lower Leg

Aftermath of Motorcycle Accident - Guy Loses Arm and Part of Lower Leg

I don’t have much backinfo here. The video seems to show the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcycle. There is an injured boy on the side of the road with leg trauma that looks like possible amputation at the knee.

A more severely injured guy sits on the road. His left arms was ripped off at the shoulder, and a chunk of his lower leg is missing. Looks like he clipped something with that side of his body as he rode by.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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      1. Even my little sister owns a motorcycle and she can’t drive for shit. Whenever I’m a passenger in her car, I’m always shaking around in the seat. If she can ride a motorcycle without incident, anyone can.

    1. I’ve seen plenty of road accident amputations…But it still seems almost impossible that a crash can lop off arms and legs. Train accidents I can see…But what did that kind of damage?

    2. He got distracted peeling a banana and one of his flip flops got caught in the spokes and then will he was laying on the ground fucked up those pigs you hear in the background ATE HIS ARM and started on his leg until all the other peasants Came over and scared them away then THEY started eating them… at least I think thats what happened

  2. Definitely a great video to encourage safe motorcycle riding and discourage dangerous riders from racing around and zipping through traffic at high speeds. This video shows what can happen, how badly you can get messed up in a motorcycle accident. These guys are basically in a world of shit. They have SEVERE disabilities for the REST OF THEIR LIVES. Neither one of them is ever going to walk again. Their going to lose their legs, at least one leg, possibly both. One dude, his arm is gone for life, blasted off at the shoulder.

  3. Biking and disasters go hand in hand . No wonder then , the two having had to pay the price lamentably with shattered limbs bones ,tendons and what not because the rider either was someone new or too fucking crazy vroooming at breakneck speeds undermining all sorts of hurdles , unknown dangers or the traffic around .
    Though sans their head gears they can think it through ; how safe would it be to hitchhike minus a shoulder and a leg cause riding stays out of question

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