Motorcycle Rider Brainless and Heartless in Colombia

Motorcycle Rider Brainless and Heartless

In a Spanish speaking country, a motorcyclist wearing no helmet or Kevlar vest dies after colliding with large vehicle.

The man is missing his brain that is only a heart beat away.

This gnarly aftermath footage is to die for.

Chunky brain matter and a still living heart is all that any loved one would want as a token of appreciation.

His Valentine can use the backpack the man is holding onto to carry his once prized possessions as a token of his undying love.


This happened in Colombia last year, in the roads of Valle del Cauca/ Cauca Valley. There was no official background info about the crash. People in the video are discussing if they should grab the guy’s documents to call a family member and let them know of the crash.

Thank you @magstheonlyone/Ben Dover for the update!

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for this early Valentine’s Day gift:

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          1. You’re naughty too…I was wondering what the hell happened to you until I saw your comment to seraphim-serenata the other day. Welcome back! I missed you, and not just because we need your ability to speak Portuguese here..but it helps. 😛

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      1. I can’t play them either, I thought they all got erased because best Gore was hacked a few years ago, or the douches that provided video upload deleted the whole lot of them. Blah blah blah computers, idk

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  1. And the gold medal of the super hurdler of all time goes to heart-less Johnny Fong! Or Johnny Fong able to leap hearts and brains in a single bound ? Oh that villain Johnny Fong braking hearts and spilling brains whenever he feels like it!

    1. Yes @S.S., thanks for reminding me about Valentine’s day… the one day of the year when I feel sad and lonely for not having a significant other in my life.
      That’s okay though cuz I’m happy as a pig in shit the other 364 days.

          1. Ms. Smiley will be HopingFor… only a BrokeBack if and when she meats up with all 3 of your guys’s honky”KONGs”.. 😛

            @honkeykong I think we were meant to be a team this whole time, now if @masterplan was back he’d have our back… You graciously pass the ball to me and I run with it .. we are equal parts to this Best Gore team!

          1. @BB – don’t take it too hard noone responded to your question. Just take a deep breath and try to push the deep burning painful hurt of rejection out of your mind best you can, and carry on mate…….it may take a year or two of daily long-winded emotional and very teary breakdowns, but you’ll be fine, eventually…….no worries champ ! Glad to help!…….

        1. @honkeykong

          …and to re-word what ya said but in a non plagiarizing way 😉 in my own point of view: We both share the “all for one and one for all” motto for this society… Long story short.

          …. long story longer.. to keep a society maintained and thriving, one has to work together as a team, eliminating all the bad infectious apples along the way. No gray line philosophy bullshit.

          Our team and any other team is strong with all its members contributing 😉

          PROVERB-It’s better to give than to receive. Cause.. what goes around comes around..

      1. I don’t have a significant other either but it doesn’t bother me. I’ve been in enough shitty relationships that it’s a celebration of not having to deal with yet another bad decision I’ve made lol I always buy myself something nice, this year it’s going to be a double horizontal nose piercings. Maybe another finger tattoo also, I’m not sure if I want to get that done now or wait until I have some time off work for it to heal before I have to wear latex gloves over it all day.

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  2. Technically he is not dead yet, only brain dead until that heart finally stops beating. Perhaps someone should kick it into the path of moving traffic in order to speed things up so that they can call it a day and get the flock outa there.

      1. @xieniheno – if there happened to be a medical practitioner at this accident scene witnessing what is in the video, they couldn’t technically or legally declare/pronounce/report death (clinical death) if the patient’s heart is still beating unassisted. It would be a clear case of fraud and professional misconduct…….(who knows that heart isn’t going to beat another 2 or 3 minutes ? Could cause big problems if it was 11.58 pm on the night before his 21st birthday, and his recently deceased, very rich mining magnate father’s will stated very clearly, the family’s 23 billion dollar estate would go in its entirety to the father’s 23yo gold digging whore mistress if his son dies before his 21st birthday…….what! It could happen!

          1. @illegalsmile55
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  4. This video titillated my body in ways it really shouldn’t have, lol. I’ve seen lots of beating hearts outside the body on this site, but never have I actually heard it continue to try to live. This video is an audio orgasm to a macabre girl who’s also keen on music. Very stirring. Thanks for the magnificent upload 🙂

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  5. And the Beat Goes On,,, & On. Amazing Organ Our Heart Is, being able to continue beating on it’s very own without receiving signals from the brain to do so, like the other organs in our body. Just goes to show just how electrical our bodies truly are. As every heart beat is set-off with a very low current of electricity, and this is why when our heart stops completely a shock will oftentimes get it beating again.

  6. Research shows that neurons in the brain and spinal cord continue to fire until every available molecule of nearby vascular oxygen has been eaten up, which could be as long as 5 mins AFTER the heart has ceased beating……
    Reference – me, coz I’m pretty sure it’s right……

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