Aftermath of Multi Fatality Head On Crash

Aftermath of Multi Fatality Head On Crash

The video depicts the aftermath of a head-on crash between two passenger vehicles. The black Chevy looks like a newer model vehicle, and therefore built according to the latest safety standards. The other vehicle is some old beater that got crushed, and took all passengers with it.

There appear to be 4 fatalities – 3 in the vehicle, 1 beside it. Each looks to be a young man. I have no backinfo about the video, but something’s telling me I caught a whiff of Brazilian Portuguese – even though I don’t speak it, I’ve seen enough gore videos from Brazil to catch a whiff of the language. Ay caralho!

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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    1. I remember a fews years ago , i was sitting at a bus stop waiting for the bus.a red vehicle with 3 dudes , all in white t-shirts stopped at the same corner ( @ stop sign) the passenger had ask me if I needed a ride , I smelled beer and weed,, I kindly said no thanks bud im good,.the dudes were cool …anyway they drove bus gets their two mins later , I hop on , a few streets later about 6 mins or so I see the same red car, it had crashed into a pole , it was fucking unbelievable, all three died on the spot,two hanging out the side windows , the passenger you had talked to me less the 10 mins was crushed with one leg and one arm sticking out of the bottom of the passenger’s side front floorboard. It was on the news same night, police said they just wanted to ticket them for a broken tail light……damn they was young.!sorry my storey was a bit long..

    2. I was gonna comment something to the same effect, looks almost staged with the ‘O’ face and every thing, guy face down in his buddy’s lap… Bet they never guessed they’d expire in such a sexually suggestive position! I can only hope that I go out with an epic blow… Job. Although I’d prefer mine to be real, not comically staged by the universe and laws of physics. I wanna go out of this world the way I came into it- with an orgasm!

      So… Is death by orgasm a thing? *fingers crossed*

    1. Same kinda thing happened near a major port in Vancouver., i drive by atleast twice a week to bear witness to their memorial., they took a gamble and lost., all 4 young teenage boys died on the scene.

          1. Just once I’d like to see a pants explosion accident. Poor chunkies don’t get that super tight pants are not their friend. Looks like a sack of taters.
            “Look at me, size 16 and holding”

      1. I swear I’m still wiping my tears because of how I laughed at the comments…Between the size of the fat lady’s trousers to the driver giving his friend a blow job…Thanks 😀
        But I always enjoy a good ol’ creepy death stare like this…
        Wow, friends even in death, that’s strong!

  1. This car is very famous in Brazil is the Volkswagen Voyage with engine AP(Alta Performance”High Performance”) 1.6 1.8 and 2.0 and stronger is the more famous and favorite car for put says FUDEU A BANDA…

  2. Driving like lunatics am sure. The teenagers feel they can be as reckless as they want and, even if innocent strangers gets killed, they don’t care so long as nothing happens to them; and if won’t, because they are immortal and invulnerable.

  3. I hope the driver’s friends beat the shit out of him in the next life…unless of course it was the other drivers fault. You never know…people somehow get handed licenses even when they drive like speds.

  4. Meu Deus…
    Learn Português!

    This site is the motivation to learn a new language, which language? Portuguese! By learning Portuguese you will be able to understand a lot of these videos and won’t need a translator like me, because translators won’t be there for you all the time, they also have their lives and are about to lose it at any moment in Brazil when a motorcycle is approching. So, go learn Portuguese and make us brazilians finally happy about something in our miserable lives. We will be very happy and excited to see that people are learning our language, usually 95% of the people choose Spanish instead. But believe me, Portuguese is way better than Spanish and by speaking Portuguese you can also understand 90% of Spanish. If you do the other way round, you won’t be able to understand 40% of Portuguese.

    Thanks Best Gore for showing always the best side of the things. Seus filhos da puta.

      1. Is “Meu Deus” detectable to your ears? If you pay attention you can hear they saying that, or maybe not giving the fact they spoke it fast. But most of the videos they say that. It’s the “Oh my God” Portuguese version. Funny thing is that I also always hear people saying omg in english/american videos.

          1. I agree @felipe-s
            Mostly because my dad is Portuguese.
            And with how many times I’ve been there, I am very proud to say I understand Portuguese very well 😀
            But sometimes, Brazilian accents are challenging, even if I find Brazilian very cool 🙂

          2. Yeah I remember this video. I have the same problem with English but I’m trying to improve

          3. @frenchcat Brazilian accents are a bit hard even to brazilians. The country is huge, there are a lot of different accents. The most common accents are from the state of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro (southeast region), Minas Gerais (midwest) and Rio Grande do Sul (south), they are easy to understand to most of brazilians. The accent from some regions from the north aren’t that hard but when they speak with their slangs and fast then it becomes a challenge.

            And I as a native speaker must say that the most beautiful accents are from the southeast, midwest and south of Brazil, and Portuguese from Portugal.

            The spoken Portuguese from Portugal sounds like French and the Brazilian Portuguese sounds like Romanian or Russian. I love them all 😛

    1. Long, unfortunately. There’s a lot to do, like encode the video, create a caption image, research the background to see if any info can be dug out, put it all together, format the post, add tags, cross reference with backlinks if applicable – it’s takes more work that meets the eye. Wanna give it a try?

      1. I would love too! But I don’t think I could do all of that. 🙂 I mean encoding? I think I’d be really good at computers, my dad is a computer technician that man can do anything with a computer. But I don’t exactly know how to do that kind of stuff. Plus my daughter is very time consuming. And I’m not very good at grammar, in fact I don’t think you’re supposed to start a sentence with ‘and’ haha. Maybe someday, I would love to give it a try at some point in my life though defiantly.

          1. Yes!! I have witnessed my kid go into my settings, uncheck automatic time and date. Uncheck automatic time zone.. And then turn on the military time.. It’s so irritating haha.

  5. Oh Mr Hart ~ what a mess ! This is really fucking awful. Four blokes snuffed out just like that. They were all so young and with a head full of dreams that will never be realised now. RIP fellas. I wonder if driverless cars will reduce the road toll?

  6. Is it just me or does anyone else want to slap the shit out of the second person and say wake your drunk ass up you’re fucking head’s leaking shit everywhere goddammit?!? They’re all obviously dead as fuck but they all still look passed out drunk. Like the kind of drunk where someone passes out and everyone takes turns getting pictures taken of their nuts in their mouth.

  7. This kind of shit happens when you drive outside your ability.
    As Mr T’s satnav voice would say: Slow down, fool, slow down!!
    Fuck it man, I’ve been known to do 100, but that’s on a quiet British motorway.
    These young fuckers were probably driving like they were the cat’s ass.

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