Aftermath of Road Carnage in South Asia

Aftermath of Road Carnage in South Asia

Aftermath of Road Carnage in South Asia

I got no backinfo, but the video has a strong Indian vibe. It’s either India, or another South Asian country.

The video shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. The passenger car is quite trashed, and it looks like a truck of sorts was also involved. Several people are shown badly injured, at least one appears dead from severe cranial fracture. Carnage!

Props to Best Gore member @vigked for the video:

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58 thoughts on “Aftermath of Road Carnage in South Asia”

      1. I know right……like fuck if your gonna just try and capture these tragedies without offering any useful assistance at least have the courtesy to try and stabilize your hand me down iPhone 4
        Take some fucking pride in the work.

  1. I counted 2 dead, possibly 3. Can’t tell if that one behind the corpse with its brain poured out of its noggin is a head or some other body part. Looks like a dead head to me. Behind possible dead head is a mashed woman. She met her maker by being smashed face-first by some force which renders her laying backwards smashed flat. It appears the one poor dude who is having water poured onto his head by someone from a water bottle, dies right before our eyes at one point. He puts his head down and he shakes a little and appears to be stiff the next time he is shown. I want to say I hope he made it but I don’t know because if his legs are crushed into a ground beef consistency then maybe death is most welcome. Dude on floor is a miserable wreck. Poor thing. Nobody pours water over his noggin or even drapes him with a blanket. He is completely ignored and left there on the road to reflect on better times. I’m sure he survived. The rest seem to be busy gawking at the dead and taking smartphone video for internet clout. What a wondrous world we live in.

  2. I think if I looked to my left and saw my spouse/kid/relative/friend with their skull pulverized like that, I’d probably rather die… yikes.

    And, it drives me nuts when hoards of people stand around critically injured humans without any attempt to render aid or comfort… like the dude is in shock put a fucken blanket on him for fux sake what the hell is wrong with people… here in the US we might be a bunch of childish, selfish fuckheads but if that were on American soil there would be be loads of people trying to give first aid and get the survivor out…. why is this?

  3. Well you know what they say, “Ride in trash- Look like trash! My theory is in a bad car crash seatbelts won’t save you, they just make your carcass look better! Instead of four pieces you end up in two pieces! You get my point right? Lol

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      1. I heard you the first time.

        You’re quite right, these babbling little goblins are very well adapted to their environment, in the same way that flies are adapted for eating shit or Horsehair Worms are ideally adapted for living up the arses of other insects. Just because something is well adapted to its environment, doesn’t mean it isn’t a repellent piece of shit.

  5. I am from India and I can tell you this. The cars there are shit quality. They crumple up like a can of soda.
    Scenes like this are very common on highways. No value for life in this country, no value for safety.

  6. I’m always fascinated by the detached attitude and chaotic language that always surrounds scenes of death and carnage in South Asia. It sits nicely with the total lack of social cohesion that is the bedrock of their society and culture. I have seen many countless examples of it here and elsewhere. However, there is no experience like the one you encountered yourself.

    I made a friend in London years back who was from Bangladesh. He was a really nice chap, softly spoken and decent, smart with it too. He had built up a very good restaurant business from nothing but hard work. He was telling me one day, how in the 1980’s he had won a scholarship to the soviet union to study, and he lived in Moscow for 9 years and learnt to speak Russian. I had no idea the soviets did this, but apparently they did.

    Anyway, in the very beginning, on his way out of Bangladesh, the bus he was traveling in suddenly went over the edge of a ravine at dusk, and rolled over several times as it crashed some 170 feet below. Many were killed as the bus was packed and everything and everyone was tossed all over the place. He told me that he clearly remembers staggering out of the wreckage covered in blood from a scalp laceration and leg injury. As he looked around, he saw lots of locals come running from a village right beside the site. But instead of helping, they all, without exception, proceeded to grab everything in sight from the open suitcases and bags that were strewn everywhere. Nobody tried to help anybody.

    I asked him how he felt about this, he said, at the time he was shocked from what happened and he was young and inexperienced, but having lived in the UK for a long time, he was retrospectively ashamed of his own people. I said that I suppose when you come from a very poor background, you can get into the mentality of scavenging first and thinking of your fellow man afterwards.

    Were our European ancestors like that? Especially if we go back to very harsh times? or is there something different in the basic programming between the races?

    1. when the ship sinks people fight for lifejackets ,lifeboats.when the building is on fire people run over children to escape..its all the same everywhere just in the west its hidden,the banks take everything ..scatter money on the streets of london new york and watch the fighting do have a valid point thou,theres a lot of miscreant low life uneducated in the east.

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