Aftermath of Serious Traffic Accident in Trenton, New Jersey

Aftermath of Serious Traffic Accident in Trenton, New Jersey

Aftermath of Serious Traffic Accident in Trenton, New Jersey

A serious traffic accident occurred near a CVS on Liberty Street in Trenton, New Jersey, USA on Sunday, August 5, 2018. A 51 year old driver with health problems collided with a young woman and destroyed her left leg.

The boyfriend of the 31 year old suffered a hip rupture and is in critical condition, according to The Trentonian newspaper. The 51 year old driver suffered heavy blows but is stable. The accident is still under investigation.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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  2. This is why I voluntarily (that word never looks like it’s spelled correctly to me) stopped driving at the end of summer 2011. I had one particularly bad episode one afternoon and, while no one got hurt, I realized that I couldn’t 100% trust myself behind the wheel. I would rather bum rides for the rest of my life than be responsible for something like this, or worse.

    PS: Nice sound quality on this video, gave it more of a ‘you are there’ feel than these passer-by vids usually have. Props to @seraphim-serenata for this one.

    1. What kind of episode? Diabetic, epileptic or DUI?
      I used to work with an epileptic individual. We were constantly pulling this dumbass out of machinery and strapping him to a forklift to get him to a shipping dock for EMS. One time, he had a twitching spell and shit on the floor. All of this after he had some surgery where the Docs flipped his retarded brain upside down to reset his fucked up nerves and what have you.
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