Aftermath of Traffic Accident – Multiple Victims, Some Badly Injured, Some Dead

Aftermath of Traffic Accident - Multiple Victims, Some Badly Injured, Some Dead

Aftermath of Traffic Accident - Multiple Victims, Some Badly Injured, Some Dead

I got no backinfo. I see men wearing skirts like they do in India, but I don’t hear the typically hard Indian accent. Maybe Malaysia? They have a sizeable Indian population there…

The video shows the aftermath of a traffic accident. Multiple people were affected. Some are badly injured, some dead. The guy with both legs mashed up shown in the beginning probably wishes he was among the dead too.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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62 thoughts on “Aftermath of Traffic Accident – Multiple Victims, Some Badly Injured, Some Dead”

        1. There’s a new twist to the story Pigs, he had a bone to pick with those cops and that got him all bent out of shape.
          You got to give him credit though, he hardly had a leg to stand on after the accident.

          1. DD…


            It was Crushing news, to see how a man could Open Up to other’s needs, in a time of crisis. Parts of him will Flow through the hearts of many, for several years to come.

  1. I’m wondering if it might be from Bangladesh? The men were skirts that you see in this video as well. The language could be Bengali sounds similar to all Asian counties. For a country of supposably 169,775,000 people living on country that’s sinking from the rising tides.( I watched a documentary about Bangladesh a while ago) One would think there would be daily videos on BG. They even ride on roof of the trains. Ugh god.. I couldn’t even imagine the body oder of so many people in a tropical climate. Anyone wanna go to Bangladesh?! Hahahahaha

      1. It was being sarcastic obviously lol I’d take humidity and rain over hot dry heat like I have here…I really like to see Costa Rica…went to Mexico a bunch of time many years ago… but now.. you couldn’t pay me to go there again!!!!

        1. I’ve been to Afghanistan it’s really hot during the day like routinely in the 100’s but it was very dry, so I could deal with it, but I just feel so sticky and gross with humidity different strokes for different folks, but seriously a tropical super densely packed country would be hell for me I’ll take Russia or a Scandinavian country any day ( I was miserable in Florida for instance lol)

    1. Come on mate, you have to help other people help you. It sounds like you’re stuck in a rut and that can happen to the best of us but I’m sure deep down you already know that if you don’t like the way things are going you have to change it while you have the chance to. Anything worthwhile is hard but there are heaps of people and organisations out there that are there to help you, if you’re willing to let them. Everybody needs help sometimes and there’s no shame in asking for it. You sound like a good person so be good to yourself………

      1. im a lot better now then a few years ago. ive seen doctors, groups, programs… idk nothing really helps. but after so much time you learn to just live, ive been working out again and even added cardio instead of just strength training. im fucking bitches i have money ill live bro

  2. Dying in a shithole and in the middle of the wild monkey piss puddles has got to be the top 3 of the places where you don’t want to take your last breaths . Then again imagine living there? Sadly I’ve started to realize that if things don’t drastically change here in America…We will become a joe biden approved American shithole. Hell help those shitskins if that becomes our new normal here ! Abolish the police they say…. 11 shot in Saint George’s adopted hometown of Minneapolis last night.

    1. Agreed. But sadly a few people will understand this. But the greed of people is immense and continues to grow everyday because money rules the world. If someone has wealth and amenities they won’t care about others, even if they are a part of the government. It is the same situation here in my country and oh bird lord it gets shittier everyday.

  3. @AfricanAngel
    Here Is Yet Another Awesome Video-Post from our very own “Angel-Angie” out of what must surely be and by now ,,, A couple Hundred’s of them, at The Very-Least i guesstimate??? Am i even close Angie, or have you ever counted, or estimated on how many you have sent us so far in the last 10+ years with us??

    Either way You-Fucking Rock Darling,,, *You-Rock* Man. 🙂

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