Algeria – Hit and Run Accident Victim Left with Mangled Leg on Road

Algeria - Hit and Run Accident Victim Left with Mangled Leg on Road

Algeria - Hit and Run Accident Victim Left with Mangled Leg on Road

In Algeria, a victim of a hit and run accident which left him on the road with a mangled leg was filmed on a vertical cell phone as passersby gathered to assist him.

Best Gore member @metalheart translated the dialogue in the video:

Passerby: Who did that to you?? Who did that to you??
Victim: It was a guy with Golf VII
Passerby: Don’t pick him up, wait for the ambulance!!

So according to the victim, I gather a person driving a Volkswagen Golf hit him but immediately fled.

Thanks a lot for the video, @metalheart:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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61 thoughts on “Algeria – Hit and Run Accident Victim Left with Mangled Leg on Road”

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        1. “l know because l talk to people on Space Book who ALSO know the truest of truths! Evidence? First hand research to take my hypothesis past the point of freaked out assumption? I have no time to waste on that, l must warn the Fleshy Virus about something that’s not good for them and rule out logic, and substitute it for my FUCKING DELUSION”….. is all l got from that.

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          1. RS this being an assumption but. If your comment is aimed at meself.
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        2. No Dil, I didn’t. Not REALLY me subject, and ata having been ona 79 hours straight research and study session, was tired asa Dunlop. I basically pasted the comment from notes. knowing that it is something along those lines that the NWO corporate fascist fux are pushing thru the PLANNED-DEMIC
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          1. I meant, have a nice day. Ina fascistic kind of way. Not nasty as you term.
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          2. “The scientific model, and I didn’t see any established science in your post.”

          Agreed no initially there was none. But did I not return to you with said established science..?
          Even tho you had already in a condescending manner tried the aloof dismissal..? Would that not be a jab at me. Also a comment one might take an exception to..?

          ” I follow reproducible outcomes established by experts in their field.
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          As you can see now I’m sure I do the above, maybe not in the same way you do but I get there in the end. Also I can provide and reference all sources because like yourself I want an expert opinion, not just one either, has to be from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Fact & FACTS. IF correct are as solid as Everest, and you can’t move a mountain. (Even tho some little shitskin thought he could) Once you have the pure fact(s)
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            Well aware of what Idioms are, then you start condescending talking down again like your the Master that knows it ALL. I’m the lowly student who’s not quite getting it. Also again making assumptions, the psychological world I know very well, do you not think I would NOT have looked at the yardstick..?

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        1. A, Freaker.

          Point 1.
          Leck mich im Arsch (literally “Lick me in the arse”) is a canon in B-flat major composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, K. 231 (K. 382c)

          Irish/German blood, Irish being me first language, German I’m fluent, speaking, reading, writing so. (tho, the German language is like playing the violin. One never stops learning it). My partner in crime is German (shrebis hal) probably not correct spelling, she’s not here to ask atm) but speaks all German dialects including the slang. Me daughter Irish/German born in Stuttgart. Where we lived for a number of years so.
          I suggest if you like correcting German grammar then gain a better understanding of said. Correct me inglish no bother but German ha. You’ve already shown what limitations you have.

          Point 2.
          See below.

          Point 3.

          The Chinese Test.

          Apparently the Chinese medics collected together two hundred people showing similar symptoms. ((The symptoms being described by some like radiation sickness.) But to the main stream media they pushed the line that it’s cold and flu like symptoms. Which when flu is extremely bad, the symptoms could be mistaken for radiation sickness..? (Would that be correct..?) Hum, Having had radiation sickness meself from Chernobyl Pripyat, well the worse kind of Flu I’d ever had doesn’t come close, and was as they said at the time a very mild dose. No point going into the complete details now, as this is about another topic.
          But as you should already know, corona virus does cause cold’s and flu like symptoms…..!!

          From the two hundred they took samples of fluid from lungs of seven. (Yes ONLY seven).
          Under analysis. The Chinese scientist’s found, and I quote: “A form of genetic material”
          NOT even a virus.

          Also that the body’s immune system was in overdrive which is a natural reaction to combat any infection, and/or invasion of it, because isn’t that what it is there for..? Or cells going out of sync with themselves.
          (EXOSOME) (Thanking AF for, apparently you are correct with that one). replicate the cell they are trying to heal.
          Tho look exactly like the Crona virus cells (see where this is leading yet..?) To the untrained mind and eyes.

          Then it was announced to the world as a new deadly strain of flu – called (wait for it) COVID-19.

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          That was mid nineties.
          Jaysus wish there was a video/cctv for here.
          There was news footage, as I was airlifted from the scene. Plus they were trying to ID me from me bike and that was in the press as well, is how kin found me and eventually got me back home.
          At the time I was Ghostriding and had no ID papers with me so.

          Now to put this to bed.
          On the morning I posted that particular comment, was just at the end of a 79. Yes, seventy nine hours research and study session, having not slept for almost 5 (ha) days, me brain frazzled from vaping and smoking some very fine Haze I posted from notes. I’ve been warned before from me kin not to, until one of them vet and correct what I’ve been doing, as when I write, it’s in one streaming sentence, then ata I try to put the spaces and punctuation in.
          (We HFA’s tend to do these OCD type things).

          So Ass Fucker had you marked me words you would NOT be the FOOL..!

          So now, what is YOUR excuse and reasoning for engaging Keyboard before Brain..?

          1. First of all, congratulations on your “disorder”, some would call it a blessing. You know what I mean………………………and the fact you are getting this free.

            I understand you are quoting Mozart- yes? HFA (as fuck) Autistic.

            Mozart, like most undiagnosed Autistics, didn’t understand idioms the way the rest of us do. An idiom is something that the psychological world uses to test whether or not someone has aspergers or not (beleive it, or not).

            Ok, now having lived worked and spoken etc in D, Austria and Switzerland for about 16 winters and quite a few continuous non-english years as well, we could easily argue German grammar.

            But they are ironically quite incompatible

    1. You’d be impressed seeing the cars we have here in Algeria, I know some dudes who possess several Porsches and Audis :p Third world indeed but so many fuckers have tons of money here.

      PS- Neggers we are not.

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