Almost Cut In Half and Unable to Catch Up With Life in Bogota, Colombia

Almost Cut In Half and Unable to Catch Up With Life in Bogota, Colombia

Almost Cut In Half and Unable to Catch Up With Life

A man was run over by a truck, almost cut in half but still has the confidence that he can still catch up with life.

Location and how karma took over is not known. What we do know is this motorcyclist is one pickle shy of a jar full of life.

It is best to not boast or gloat to Karma, for she is a crazy and never pleased mistress.


Props to Best Gore member @magstheonlyone for backinfo:

This happened in Colombia. I remember watching this on FB. To make the story short, the guy was lane splitting between a truck and a concrete mixer, very narrow space, lost control and well… In the video the guy is begging to move the mixer so he can breathe, poor guy doesn’t realize he’s dead already.

Name of the now deceased: Sebastian Jimenez
Bike: Pulsar 200 LP: VOS-85E
Date: Dec 1st 9:00am
Place: Bogota- Colombia, Autopista Sur (South Freeway)

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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      1. @coffindodger

        “How embarrassing being ripped apart wearing a t-shirt that actually says karma.”

        One of my favorite gore photos of all time wasn’t even particularly gory, just a surprised-looking corpse slightly flattened inside his car wearing a shirt that said, “I’ve used up all my sick days, I’m calling in dead.”

        PS: Anyone out there have that pic? It was on CJ back in the day and a hard drive death ate my copy.

    1. Actually the only countries that are not shitholes and speak Spanish are those ones minus Peru. And overthere motorbikes are rare… Or not as widespread as in Caribbean shitholes like Colombia, Brazil or Venezuela.
      Seems like hot countries are more prone to bikes and accidents like these.

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  1. I’m not sure but the accent looks like from Colombia. The motorist repeats: “I can not breathe”, “I can not breathe”. In the last part he says: “I can not breathe, please stop [unintelligible]”, I think he asks them to move the truck.

    1. I think that is horrible. I dont know how I thought people tore in half eventually die, thought maybe they went into shock and just died but to think he feels like he is suffocating is awful.

      finish him!

      1. I think that all truck drivers should have a consent form so that if they find themselves in this situation they can end someones misery.
        It should be legal for the driver to run over the rest of him in this situation.
        If I found myself in this situation I would definitely want the truck to move up over my head !

          1. Intersting story and it is kind of similar to this scenario except that deer was hurt instead of a human. In my oppinion driver did the right thing when he drove over deers head even though children were on the bus.
            The same thing should have been done to a man above.I mean he is cut in half and the outcome is obvious. The driver should have run him over compliely. It might be a close casket funeral because of crushed head and everything and more job for the people who are going to scoop him up but at least he wouldn’t have suffered as much. And the driver shouldn’t be held responsible for ending his mysery when the outcome is obvious.Wouldn’t you agree ?

          2. I think it is tough predicament to be in. I think instinct is to preserve life but he is obviously beyond repair and who knows how much he is even aware of or feeling

            I don’t think if I was in same position I could rearrange tires and finish him off or even with a pistol. I would selfishly believe he would soon perish. maybe if it was middle of nowhere and twenty minutes later and I’m thinking gosh why won’t he just die already AAA will be here soon and the moaning dear god the moaning. I can’t deal with this right now and please quit grasping at my ankles , shoo shoo and just great would you look at this my pizza is now cold and now my phone just dropped between my seat. when when will this end?look what you made me do you sick sick bastard die. die you sick bastard BANG!

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  2. Recklessness in the country’s capital again claimed the life of a motorcyclist. This time it was in the south of Bogotá, when there was a terrible road accident between a tractor, a heavy load vehicle and a motorcyclist.

    The deadly collision occurred yesterday near 9:00 a.m. in the middle of Autopista Sur with 77th Street, in front of the El Apogeo neighborhood, northbound.

    According to the traffic authorities, the victim was identified as Sebastián Jiménez Martínez, who was driving a VOS85E license plate motorcycle. The man was part of the motorized Street Brotherd group and had the identification of UPJ 30.

    Several medical care units immediately arrived at the site to assist the wounded. With a thread of life, he was transferred to Kennedy Hospital in critical condition.

    However, the blows received by the accident did not allow him to survive and unfortunately his soul left for heaven.


    Apparently, the motorcyclist was hit by the SBK638 plate tractor and by a truck that loaded cement.

    Until the place arrived the uniformed of the Traffic Police who cordoned off the area and made the sketch to determine what were the causes of the accident.

    However, the witnesses of the place assure that the motorcyclist was traveling in his lane and one of the heavy load vehicles invaded the lane.

    But the competent body will be responsible for confirming who was the imprudence that once again ended in death.

    Grief and pain now intoxicate the family and friends of this Bogota, who unfortunately could not escape the arms of death.

    Also, the biker community deeply regrets the departure of Sebastian and join in prayer and mourning for his absence in this world.

    Writing Extra Bogotá.

  3. Poor Guy Man! 🙁 That has got to be super scary knowing that if the truck moves he could bleed-out, and Die in mere seconds, but if it does not move the pressure on your chest, and lungs would be uncomfortable, and painful to say the least!

    And even when the Ambulance Arrives, they might not even be able to save him once the truck is moved off of him. I Have heard of the Police Going to pick-up wives of Other Guys That were pinned-up against something before they removed-it because once they did they knew that it would be Again,,, A Matter of Seconds, or if he’s lucky,,, 1 or 2 minutes before he bled-out enough to make him loose contentiousness, and die a short time later.

    Imagine being picked-up by Cops and being told that your wife was in that type of mess and told to say your goodbyes to her once there, cause she only had a few minutes to live??? Fuck-Man,,, i don’t know about you guys, but i would go crazy, and loose-it the minute that I Gave-Her A Last Kiss, and Said Goodbye to her. Very Sad, & Tragic this would most certainly be. 🙁

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