Angry Mexican Man on Truck Plows Through Group of Children

Angry Mexican Man on Truck Plows Through Group of Children

An older video from Mexico shows an angry man on a truck getting aggravated because a group of school kids was blocking his way. Unwilling to wait until the kids were finished with the activity, the driver reversed his truck for a few meter and then floored it, plowing right through the group, causing intentional bodily harm and possibly death (not sure what the final damage count was).

Props to Best Gore member gabedababe78 for the video:

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189 thoughts on “Angry Mexican Man on Truck Plows Through Group of Children”

          1. First of all, i did not say there is no god. Isimply stated is there a god , because when i see these atrocities daily i question my catholic religion and all religions for that matter. And what are you talking about when you mean poor kids ? You make no sense whatsoever & should take your meds and off to bed. Good night. Sweet dreams babycakes.

        1. She said she hoped that this time there is justice (apparently this man bothering them constantly, on other occasions) she asks him why he got out of the truck and told them he would not move the truck, and then he climbed the truck and ran over everyone, why did that? That is not justified, she said

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    1. This isn’t the site for you if you don’t enjoy the sweet melodic screams of several parents who just saw their little babies get run down by a truck.

      That’s a hard question to answer. What’s a god to you?

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        1. Are you for real ? Why the fuck did they block the road like this ? W.T.F. is wrong with you ? That peice of shit could have put his car in park, get out and go talk to the teacher asking how long they would be and turn around and take another route around the block. @ Daja , sorry man but you,re fucked in the head pal if you think this fucker was in his right.

          1. At the start he is talking to the group then gets back in his truck. You have to think it slipped into drive, he hit what he thought was the brake, then it was too late. People have died driving off multi-storey car parks that way. It happens a lot.

          2. @thedre- the driver actually DID get out, but you have to watch for that at the exact moment the clip starts. I missed it the first time. Wtf does that change though?!Nothing whatsoever in my opinion!!They were kids! I agree with you on everything you said in your comment! Killing those little babies wasn’t the answer to his roadblock issues!

          3. Daja was just translating and I would hope not how he feels. I just wanted to add, he actually did do them the courtesy of warning the teachers twice, but rage got the best of him. Ended up killing 2 and injuring 26. He was sentenced to 146 years.

          4. You are so right girl, I watched it again and saw it, But as you also stated, no reason to kill, go around the block fucktard. And Juicy thanks sweetheart 馃檪

          5. Yep, poor kids. The adults were all retarded. The teachers were provoking monkey man by ignoring that he would like to pass and he failed to get out and talk to them. That would have probably turned out to be a free for all teachers against monkey man in the middle of the road though.

        1. At the end when they were interviewing the low life named Jose, he said in the most unconvincing voice that he was sorry! The teacher was ready to rip his had off and i think she should’ve been allowed to! This also really angered me and i did notice a few other things when i watched the clip a few more times..

    1. He tells the reporter “I just tried to run over the teachers, Im sorry for the others (kids)

      Woman: “You told us you werent going to move the truck, you lied to us. You came down the truck and telled Us you werent going to move the vehicle.

      The guy has a blatant attitude, has no respect for life.

    1. @WC- Me three!!!!! I’ll bring the gasoline and matches! Dude fucking made my blood boil with that shit! Those were happy little kids and he fucking splattered them on the concrete! I mean, not a honk- or a yell out the window! What the fuck is wrong with people?!

      1. @Juicy, remember what you said when you were suspected to have killed BB and everybody here wanted to put you in fire ? already forgoten ? You’re just doing the same right now

      2. it was clearly the teachers fault, the guy was angry, he went out of his car to warn them, but they prefer to keep a provocative behaviour instead of worrying about the safety of the kids, if you’re in charge of some children, a crazy guy tell you he will run over them if you don’t move, you will let them in the middle of the road ?

        1. @Daja- NOT even slightly the same! Mine was an April Fools Day joke- you didn’t see anything on tape proving that I killed BB or to even suggest that any of it was true! This guy deserves to be lynched! I saw with my own eyes went down! I can’t even understand how you could compare the two scenarios! Now, when I posted the comment here that you’re replying to, I didn’t notice that he had gotten out and talked to the teachers. If you look below, I corrected myself. Thank you very much! Those adults should have prevented this but its no excuse to condone his behavior! I could give a good God damn if he spoke on a loudspeaker or blew a fog-horn! You don’t maul a bunch of people because they don’t do what you want them to! I still stand my comment! I’d be the first bitch to douse his ass in gas and light him up!

          And please- get over the AFD shit already! I remember seeing that you didn’t think it was real when it was going down, so why keep bringing it up?!

        2. I’m gonna split the difference here cos I somewhat agree with both @Daja and @Juicy. The guy is clearly unstable and very very angry. Seems like he warned them and they ignored his threats. If you’re in charge of children then surely their safety should override all concerns. After all, he may just be a lunatic that’ll follow through. Let the weirdo past and then get back to your plans. However, and this is a HUGE however, you do not fucking run over children. Punch one of the damn adults or mount the kerb for fuck sake. So many better ways to get your point across

          1. So what was the agreeing and disagreeing part @Paul? The teachersSHOULD’VE had those children somewhere else. If my kids school put my kids in the middle of any road, there would be hell to pay! However- just becauseyou’re mad doesn’t give you any right to hurt or kill someone. What’s done is done now- but this tragic event in no way, shape or form can even be compared to a joke! Sooo again, you’re agreeing with what?!

          2. Sorry, I’ll try clear my thoughts up a bit. I agree with both of your views having merits. @Daja With hindsight, yes, the teachers should never have left those kids there
            @Juicy Correct, nothing can excuse Jose or his behaviour and I certainly don’t condone it. He is a fucking scumbag piece of shit.
            As regards bringing up the April Fools crap, 100% disagree with everything @Daja said. Seriously, move on. There is no comparison between the two. It’s a moot point. I fully agree with you J and all your comments. He should have been lynched, he does not deserve to live out his life.

  1. That was just so fucking wrong on so many levels! Those innocent little kids! I don’t think the adults even knew the truck was waiting to pass at first. I didn’t see anyone look back in the trucks direction until they heard it approaching- when it was too late. I’m sure there was at last a few deaths from that! The one little girl was in bad shape! The kids were so young but still at an age where they’ll remember and be traumatized forever! Disgusting ass w.b. prick! I wholeheartedly agree with anyone that said this truck driver should’ve been dealt with- street justice style! I’m all for a nice lynching but i think they should run him over a few times first- with his same truck!

    1. So, i watched this clip a few more times and i didn’t realize that the driver had gotten out of his truck and spoken with a few teachers or whatnot. Made him an even bigger douche in my book! Now that i know that 2 kids were killed- its not hard to figure out which kids those were. Sooo fucking sad and i hope that “Jose” piece of meirda dies himself a fucking slow and painful death! Couldn’t wait a few mins- and killed little kids that were just doing what they were told to do! Regardless if that teacher should’ve moved them out of the street, they still didn’t deserve to be ran over! Ok, gotta go calm down now. Lol

  2. this driver could have been me, last day I mistaked once again the break for the speed pedal on an automatic car and almost collided with the car in front of me… A few time after I entered a road in the opposite direction, fortunately it was on a red light so I was confronted to the stopped cars and had just to move back… I have a strong drive-a-car phobia and should stop before I kill someone

  3. Hey guys I am not sure how reliable this is but I did a quick search and came up with this.
    Man angered by preschoolers runs them over – 5/7/2002

    A man angered by preschool children who were blocking the street while they sang the national anthem outside their school ran them over killing two and injuring 22 others, the local press reported Monday.

    Two children, aged three and five, died when Jose Luis Nieto Avila – who lived only blocks away from the Gabriela Mistral daycare center in the Ecatepec district of the adjacent State of Mexico – purposely drove his pickup truck through the group of children. The school’s director and two other parents were also injured in the incident.

    According to neighborhood residents, Nieto, on several occasions, had threatened school director Socorro Bibriesca, that he would run over the children if they continued to occupy the street during their weekly flag salute.

    Police arrested the 56-year-old only blocks away from the school. A local daily reported authorities later went to his house to search for his children who apparently fired shots from a handgun into the air to prevent their father’s arrest. They were not there when the authorities arrived.


      1. Ah thank you, to tell the truth I didn’t have the sound on makes it easier for me to watch certain things. That’s why I tape my vict…err…girlfriends mouths. So…erm..Juicy, are you single? Fancy a strobe light lit dinner in my basement I can show you my collection of circular saws and, my mother won’t disturb us, she’s deaf. Or perhaps a romantic walk in the woods..alone? Don’t worry, you’ll be completely safe with me. I can bring my camera, nothing to worry about! *Wink, wink…Cheesey Grin!*

          1. In all seriousness, it is mind boggling to think that, the first person to walk on Mars has already born. and yet world is choc full of evolutionary fucktards.

          1. Sadly no, I sewed my mouth shut years ago. I promise Mother won’t disturb us, she doesn’t like stair anymore. Not after our last argument. Mother, so precious, so top heavy, so fragile. *sigh*. So, it’s a date then. How about emailing me your address, so I can come scratch on your window while you sleep? *winks*

  4. I’m actually leraning to drive with an automatic car cause with a manual it is too much difficult for me. A friend of mine is on the passenger side, has his hand ready on the handbrake, and is in cold sweats each time I have to do a manoeuvre, never succeded in reversing into a parking space ( even with only one car next to the space), and I’m a white dude, not a fucking woman chink

      1. well, that’s what I gonna do, it’s called a car-driving phobia, I have uncontroled and unjustified panick attacks when I’m driving, people say that when you have a phobia you have to confront your fears, well I wonder if that counts also for car-driving phobia, since I clearly could kill someone

        1. @:Daja on: What you should do is find a hooker, stick a needle and sedative into her neck vain, duck tape her hands, feet and mouth stick her in the trunk of your car, then drive around until you find a cop, ask him a series on pointless strange questions. And, if you don’t shit your pants, or black out. Trust me your Phobia will be cured.

  5. I passed my driving license test after 80 hours of lessons and 5 attempts, they finally found me a test with no freeway portion, and I almost paied to get my license. The strange thing is I can ride a motorbike quite well, only get 2 accidents at the beginning and almost knocked down an old lady ( on the zebra passage of course and with a red light of course), but now I am quite self- confident and ride well

  6. Well, that was pointless.

    He couldn’t wait five lousy minutes for the children to move on, what a sack of shit.

    I suppose it does bring home the reality that we share our oxygen supply with psychopaths and other filth, non of us are truly safe.

  7. The Brain When Sober Takes About 1 Second To Realize That There IS Something WRoNg . The Man Placed His Truck In Reverse And Place The Brake Before Putting It In Drive. When He PlacEd It In Drive He Slightly Accelerated Before Actually Driving Forward. Now When He Did Place It In Drive He Sat There And Thought About It Before SmashiNg Those Babies. In Other Words He Knew Exactally What He Was Doing. If This Was In Chiapas Or Brazil This Wouldn’t Have Happened So Smoothly, And He Wouldn’t Be In Prison.

    1. how is a mexicn a nigger if a nigger is black. I thought mexicans were called wetbacks. so what are you? a trailer trash cracker? and dont tell me white people dont live like animals cuz I see some of em that look like Holocaust meth heads, shoot up theaters, kill kids in schools. etc etc. every race has people of that race that do fucked up shit. we shouldn’t judge the entire nationality based on what some of the people from that nationality do. thats something I think we all need to work on including myself.

  8. Long time since I’ve watched this video. is from May 6. 2002 this man named Jos? Luis Nieto Avila (56 years old). the reason he gaves: Every monday 150 children doing flag honors on the street set me on fire. because all Mondays they were obstructing the street. He claims that talked to teachers and director doing threats but they does’t take it serious. now the results: He killed 2 kids (Rodrigo Rodr?guez Reyes 3 years old and Adriana Mart?nez Villarreal 4 years old) another 20 kids injured along with director of school and a mother.
    in 2003 he was sentenced to 146 years in prison.

  9. holy shit that’s an ice cold fucker! mexico is a fucking shithole, if you don’t get shot or beheaded by cartel members, you get ran the fuck over…or even worse, you grow up and work in a taco bell

    1. “Taco Bell” is for fags begging for a little Mexican gastronomy. There’s not a single one respected Taco Bell in Mexico. Mexicans hate that garbage. Amerifags don’t even know how a real taco looks like.

  10. Oh man…

    I’ve been fascinated (note: not excited or turned on) by gore, real or otherwise, and the destruction of the human form etc, for years now, and really nothing gets to me, beyond passing sorrow for the victim (especially on sites like this, you see it happen SO often that you realise that, much as we (hopefully) value our lives and those of others, we’re so fragile and life is destroyed (and created) so often that it becomes difficult to be TOO upset by this sort of thing; the more you see of it, the less individual cases get to you).

    All that being said, this sort of thing involving kids, fucks me up for days. This is just unbelievable. You know there are people out there like this, but there’s no way that guy didn’t know he was going to take out kids.

    I used to have that detached ‘oh that’s terrible’ response to things like this involving kids, but now that I’m a father… you hear it said so often but no amount of conversation can prepare for how MUCH it changes you… things like this involving kids can now reduce me to sobbing masses of tears, and I have to go and hug my kids (even waking the poor buggers up when they’re sleeping ha) that little bit harder.

    You know these people are out there, and you know horrible things happen to little children more regularly than you like to dwell on, but faaaaark, seeing it is just unparalleled.

    I’m sure many of us here are pretty misanthropic (I can’t be the only one) but most of the time that doesn’t extend to little kids (especially if you’re a parent). They might turn into sickening wasteful disgusting wastes of space like so many adults, and that potential is inherent to them… kids used to bother me for being possessed of that potential, but not any more… they’re not there yet. They’re still everything that the world would be so much better for, were everyone still like that, and didn’t turn into the inconsiderate squanderous wastrels so many adults become.

    Wow, I shouldn’t have 2 500mL beers in one sitting, I get depressing hahaha…

    1. All that being said, if this guy seriously has got out of the car and made threats in earshot of the teachers, damn right they should’ve moved the kids…

      … but no doubting those poor teachers will be traumatised for the rest of their lives wishing they’d acted differently and done just that.

  11. Lmfao, I really don’t understand most of you. With comments like “How could he, they were just children!? He deserves to die!!”.

    When you comment on other videos “Haha! look at them get beheaded!”. When the ones getting beheaded and the ones doing the beheading, use to be these “Children”. One of those children could of become a narco leader, the next big serial killer, a rapist, ect.

    If it was just adults, most of you wouldn’t care, which honestly makes no sense. Those children grow up to be assholes just like you and the ones in any of these other videos. Children are just small ignorant humans. Which makes them “Innocent”.

    This being said, I Think he deserves to get run over by the parents of the children. Not just because he killed children. But because he took another humans life without a good reason.
    “A eye for a eye and a Head for a head.”

    1. I totaly agree, are they BG members or members of the Good Samaritan Orthodox Catholic Church of the Holy Cross ? they should worship that driver, it made a good entertainment !

      1. I don’t agree it was “entertaining”. But most of them would say it was, if they were adults. Which again makes no sense. I don’t come on here to laugh and joke about people dieing. I come here because death and humans have always interested me. Full well knowing that any of this could happen to me at any time. But most people don’t think it can or will. That’s why they laugh and joke about it. Till it’s them being on here with their mangled body. Being laughed at by other ignorant beings.

        1. Stupid dumb people in this world why would you take the chance the man said I had to get pass them and they told him that he has to wait and he said I can’t wait I’m in a hurry move or I’m going to run all of you over she said then run us over and something about that he was mocking the teachers and he went in his truck and just ran those poor kids over why would you have children on the street to protest stupidity dumb dumb dumb And GOD didnt do this and won’t stop this free will people the human race always need to blame someone they don’t no so they can do there evil deeds its been happening for a long time and its going to continue until the human get wiped out when the extretrarestrials that created us gets sick and tired of us destroying their earth they will wipe us out and create the next race of human and when they start acting like this earth is theirs they will do the same thing to them until they make humans that are going to take care of the earth the human race been wiped out 6 times according to scientist do research read shit about history not bullshit aliens are our creaters and destroyers they are your GODS you religious freaks

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