Another Russian Girl Spins Through The Air After Running Into Traffic Without Checking

Another Russian Girl Spins Through The Air After Running Into Traffic Without Checking

Would you hit it? That driver sure did. He hit it so hard, she was hurting all over and probably couldn’t walk for at least a week. Who wouldn’t hit a leggy Russian with pink skirt and black underwear, which you can see when she flips over?

It baffles my mind how so many Russian girls run into traffic without checking to see if it’s safe to go. In the beginning of the video you can see that there was a crosswalk no more than 10 meters away, but the girl just could not be bothered to walk that far. She looked like she was in a hurry so she adopted the “if I don’t look at traffic, nothing will hit me” mindframe – one of the surer ways to end up being late.

Skip to the last 5 seconds of the video to see the hot chick spinning. I have a bad feeling about this one because a shoe flew off her foot. Best Gore has shown us a hundred times that where there is a departed shoe, there is also death.

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          1. Slowly but surely man! Hopefully the numbness will leave my fingers soon. It,s annoying bigtime. Hows it hanging with you ? All,s good ?

    1. i love the video,wow. that’s exactly what my 14y/o gf’s outfit when i banged her on my 28th birthday. she did spin when i threw her. brings back good memories, i hope the blonde girl is alive and well

    1. I don’t understand why people don’t look. Getting “hasty” as you call it, lead to so many accidents! If we all took a moment to breathe it might be a little better…but then there would be a lack of videos like this.

  1. Beside of that video:
    I saw the girl of my dreams today! Please pray for me guys, that I’m lucky with her. PRAY! :O

    I’m feeling like a fucking teeny right now… FUCK!

    I’m not religious but now I need everything that (possibly!?) could help. πŸ˜€

    And yes: I totally lost my fucking mind and I’m crazy right now!

    1. @Der Humorist, if she doesn’t find you attractive and pays you no attention just tell her that you’re rich, I guarantee she will go weak at the knees.

      Just make sure to cock her first before confessing the truth.

        1. I do Dre, I do.

          When I was single I would often exaggerate my prospects if I was out and about in clubs and bars looking to get some action and I even ran a test once and here’s the results.

          Now, most women always ask the question “so what do you do for a living” when they first approach you and so I used the 10/20 method.

          Ten times I told the women who approached me that I worked in a low skilled, hence low paying job. Alternating the job title every now and then such as store clerk, coffee shop worker ect.

          Ten times I told the women who approached me that I worked in a highly skilled, hence good paying job. Alternating the job title every now and then such as a finance manager etc.

          Out of the ten times corresponding to the low paid jobs I got action four times and six times the women made their excuses and left. Out of the ten times corresponding to the highly paid jobs I got action seven times and three women made their excuses and left.

          My conclusion, the above experiment is not definitive and does not take into consideration personality synchronisation and such but what it does show is that most women on a night out do not care too much about prospects because they are not thinking about the long term whereas a small, but noticeable, percentage of women do.

          In my experiment it was a sixty percent loss for the low paying jobs and a thirty percent loss for the highly paid jobs, taking into consideration the natural attraction or indeed repulsion of the women towards me it still works out at about a fifty percentage difference in loss of action, a statistic to shrink many a cock I should think and I’m not a bad looking guy either.

          There you have it, if you want action you stand a better chance of getting some if you exaggerate your prospects a little, however if you want a long term partner lying from the get go will decrease your chances.

          1. thats because women love the root of all evil money and they are evil themselves i see evil in every womans eyes some much more degrees than others but all evil il never go back on this theory just be wary of how evil each one is and how to handle what they are plotting against you

    2. I?m not religious but now I need everything that (possibly!?) could help. πŸ˜€

      …there’s no need to be ashamed of religion my friend

      I went down on my hot neighbor last weekend, and she started speaking in tongues.


  2. Hey ahem…”Goth Girl”, fuck you. I’m a blonde & I guarentee I’m smarter, make wayy more money than you & am a fine white grl so keep those idiotic comments to yourself. And put some more makeup on why don’t you?…

        1. @mamason01 Thanks for the info! & the good lookin A.M I use to hang around at The Wardsman theater as a kid, Uptown. Then I moved to West Whittier lived on Cully ave. right next to Norwalk blvd. Went to Pioneer high school bet you know that place!
          Cops have always been a pain in the ass Uptown! πŸ™‚

      1. i’m still racking my brain trying to figure out who this “jealous online boyfriend” is that @ewestomper mentioned. He made it sound like this guy is a real douchebag but i don’t recall @stomper ever getting into an altercation with anyone here over a girl…but i’ll keep my eyes peeled for this character…

      2. Agreed @ Mama. I like my women natural. Too much make-up is a no, no, in my book. It is very deceiving when you wake up next to her the next morning, and while brushing your teeth, ya notice that you now have more make up on your face that hers ! It,s like a man who sticks a sock down his tight jeans before heading out on the town, and once he picks up a girl, he feeds her his teeny weeny, hoping that she is too drunk to notice πŸ™‚

  3. Next to Latin pussy,Persian pussy, UK pussy, Swedish pussy, Ukranian pussy, Italian pussy, portugese pussy, German pussy, Australian pussy, Japanese pussy and nordic pussy, Russian pussy is pretty nice too. Just don’t buy one online for marriage. The second they get americanized, they’ll turn on you and take half your shit when she divorces you. Buddy of mine found out the hard way.

  4. this is why i teach my son never even go in the street when there are cars coming. dont ever think a car will stop for you. when we walk up to an intersection and all these cars stop to let us pass my son waves them thru and tells em to go. he never walks in traffic, he’s three years old.

  5. If she had gone commando, maybe she could have avoided the danger and run the gauntlet, just like a commando should. I can see why they need dashcams in Russia, with gobshites like this one running out in front of you, then you get done for hitting a pedestrian. It’s claim or be claimed out there. I wonder is Russian tv inundated with ads for injury claims like in Ireland? Every third ad here is for compensation. “have you ran into moving traffic and been hit by a car and it wasn’t your fault? Suffered the misfortune of everyone seeing your underwear whilst you flipped through the air? We can help.”

  6. She was apparently presumably smart enough to parallel park the SUV, and to remember to turn off her lights, and open her car door when there was no traffic approaching to rip it off. Why on earth she would dart through traffic is beyond me. My guess is there was some monster Russian cock awaiting her in one of the buildings across the street, so much so that she couldn’t think straight.

    1. maybe she had one of those pocket rockets or magic beans in use and as she started running across the street the movement triggered a ‘reaction’ which basically made her senseless to make any wise choices….

      orrrrr perhaps she is just a dippy tit

      those are my theories

  7. Knocked a few blondes off in my younger days, great for how’s your father, but conversation wasn’t too cracky. But who gives a shit about talking when you can be shagging !?! , priorities, it’s all about priorities.

    1. me too. most of them hairdressers (as it goes) so i didnt have to pay for a haircut for years.
      trouble was, i new that my sexual exploits (be them stud-ly 3 hr sessions, or drunken 2 minute flops) would be the topic of conversation with the new blow-wave buyer who was sat in the chair. pretty small town too.

      1. Oh yes my friend, the word soon got round. Haha, giving a hairdresser one is just asking for trouble though, I mean Christ, every bird int village would have known within minutes, instead of hours. πŸ˜›

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