Another Thai on a Motorcycle Turned Into Street Pizza

Another Thai on a Motorcycle Turned Into Street Pizza

This latest episode of Thai Death Ride occurred in the Sai Noi District of Thailand. 48 year old Chonong Chinsurionga crashed into an 18 wheeler which resulted in him being run over and squashed like a bug; his guts spilled onto the road and his head cracked and flattened, ejecting his brain into the street practically whole. The circumstances are unknown but these paramedics look shady ad hell to me for some reason. I’m starting to think these bikers are doing it on purpose just for us. Luckily, we here at Best Gore are always up for a slice of fresh Thai road pizza.

จยย with 18-wheel trailer. Horror 10-10-2557 (2014) Afternoon notified 40 ว. comments จยย car trailer with 18 wheels, v-1 tachai cheese waste list. Know the name later. Mr. Chonong Chinsurionga, age 48 years, doctor ว. 10 road bang kruai. Separate entrance to mill large Sai Temple. Sai Noi District # 18 k-line group dit rkunava. The news department Association (ว. 8) # Charlie Bangkok

I’d definitely agree that he’s on the cheese waste list now. Mad props to Best Gore member DaSilvaFlipFlops.

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  1. I was watching the air Asia crash story a while back. The thing that struck me was people they interviewed who missed the flight.

    They were all saying shit like. “Jesus
    Was watching over us” or god stopped them from getting on the doomed flight

      1. Ina lillahi WA Ina ilallahi rajioun….
        We all have an “expiry date”. Some live to be 110, some don’t make it out of the womb and some end up on Best Gore. Those who missed their flight may soon find themselves featured on BG as a car wreck, “road pizza” or hanging victim. We’re all here today, gone tomorrow.

  2. So does that mean god hated everyone else who flew in that plane? I wanted to yell at them. The shit they come up with is astounding man. My other favorites are the assholes who praise god for them winning the superbowl. Yes I created the universe 6000 years ago but all I do now is fix football games and decide which planes crash… LOL. That should all have been one comment but I screwed up.. sorry

        1. Born In A Budgie’s Cage, is the Aussie translation for Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA. if your in a pub and hear this song, everyone yells out our Oz version louder than the music to drown Bruce out. I don’t know why, it just happens….

          A budgie, is a small native Australian parrot that lives outback. It is the most popular pet bird species in the world.

          In Murrica, I think they are called ‘parakeets’

          1. Aahh, the good old budgie. My great grandmother had one which cursed in a broad Yorkshire accent. It was hilarious to hear him squawk ” ya daft bugger ”
            Maurice he was called. 😀

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