Arm and Leg Amputated When Train Surfing Teen Falls Between Cars

Arm and Leg Amputated When Train Surfing Teen Falls Between Cars

On the afternoon of Wednesday, October 29, 2014, a 15 year old had his arm and left leg amputated after falling between the cars of a train at Vila Natal in CubatΓ£o, SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil. According to the information from witnesses, the teenager was surfing on a wagon train, then jumping from one car to the other when he lost his balance and ended up falling off the wagon and was run over by the locomotive.

Bystanders at the scene immediately called an ambulance from the Mobile Service (SAMU). The victim was sent hastily to the surgical center of the Model Hospital of CubatΓ£o, where he was operated on and remains hospitalized in serious condition, breathing with the help of machines.

The driver of the locomotive reported that due to the length of the train (1,400 meters), he did not see the teen climb up on the roof to train surf. He also did not notice the teen falling.

Props to Best Gore member Infected Banana for the pics and video. First the video:

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84 thoughts on “Arm and Leg Amputated When Train Surfing Teen Falls Between Cars”

    1. Let him die. If he was foolish enough to do the act, then be prepared to pay the potential penalty. I really have no sense of pity for such a fool.

      He pretty much destroyed his life, his body, and his chances of any degree of normalcy in his life, and that’s all if he even survived the mess.

      Then, consider that his foolishness also taxed the medical system of Brazil. Granted, it’s possible the medical staff that day had absolutely nothing to do, but imagine the disaster if the medical team was already being put to the test that day with multiple injuries and the like. His injuries would have taxed an already-overwhelmed hospital emergency room, further complicating issues for everyone.

      I really have no sympathy for such losers.

      1. WTF? This is a typical teen who made a very typical teen mistake. Why does he deserve this, or DEATH? It is fuckin scary to know there are grown adults walking around thinking this sort of fucked up stuff man! We all screw up at some point, chill!

      2. @cincy don’t take this to heart but I really hope your next shits a hedgehog so you can feel what suffering is like. Then when you go for help your told to fuck off cause the trauma guys a callous bastard quick to pass judgement like yourself.

    2. Yeah, that’s weird. I know sometimes amputated people still feel as if their missing limb is still part of their body. It is called “Phantom Limb.” I don’t know that his chances of survival are very good, he’s bleeding pretty profusely. I’m no medical expert, but wouldn’t it be helpful if somebody tied a tourniquet or two above the injuries?

        1. You don’t immediately go into shock, it takes a few moments for your body to register what happened and for panic to set in enough to cause shock. In this guy’s case reality seemed to set in after he held his shirt to his arm stump and realized his arm was gone.

          1. Judging by the ammount of people surrounding him, that must have taken arround 30 minutes for that… But still i dont think thats a justified reason to be linked to machines… My guess is that he got some nasty infections or suffering of blood loss… 😐

          2. @dk I agree that he probably had to be hooked up to machines in the hospital due to blood loss and/or infection. Perhaps he had other internal injuries we can’t see in the video like a collapsed lung or something.

      1. The realism is keeping blood INSIDE the body, in other words if you see a leak, plug it. Calm them down if they are agitated and rolling around, slow the blood pump down. What do you mean “be realistic, nothing can be done?” What do you think the “help” will do when they come anyway?”

        1. seriously??
          I didn’t see any pools of blood coming out of the dude…probably the arteries were singed together by the heat of the iron and the velocity at which his limbs were amputated….so he was doing alright there….and the ‘help’ (ambulance) could take him to hospital where they could actually help him with pain meds, oxygen, cleaning and possible further amputation of his wounds…shit like that which uhh they do in a hospital?? didn’t think that was a complicated concept….

          as far as calming him down, or whatever….not much the people could do…im sure they were talking to him…but many were probably too frightened to approach for fear of making matters worse…

          is just burns my nuts when people behind computers bitch and complain about what people ‘should’ do …everyone is a hero behind the computer….the realism is – not so much in real life…
          just calling em like I see them…

  1. Hahahaha I think the last thing on his mind was how hot today is, no thank you person fanning him with the clothing in the beginning of the video, or maybe they were trying to keep him alive by blowing his soul back into his body

  2. Seriously I feel sad for this kid.Anybody who thinks he will end up like that would probably never jumps from a train.We can’t blame those kids since most of them do not have a decent lives.

  3. Those teenagers think they are immortal, and most of the time they are. But at the same time they have no concern for the harm to others caused by their recklessness, either in speeding car or other violent and dangerous behavior.

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